MET Ball 2013



MET Ball 2013_Punk Chaos to Couture



The theme of the MET Ball 2013 was Punk: Chaos to Couture. It happened on 6th May 2013 in the US. The evening saw the real punk princesses , pretty punks and not punk only beauties too. Many celebs where sporty to abide the them. Here is a look at the excerpt of the event.  My observance on Fashion and Makeup.


MET BALL 2013 Fashion_Punk Princesses


Beyonce Knowless in matching boots to the dress , Cameron Diaz all covered and spiked, Florence Welch is that you? I thought I saw a crow perched on the red carpet 🙂


MET BALL 2013 Fashion_Celevrity  Style


Miley Cyrus, transparent enough? , Elle Fanning does tie and die, Madonna at the stylish best.


MET BALL 2013 Fashion_Punk Princess

Gwen Steffani knotty girl . Alison Williams, oops did you spill something on the carpet?  Blake Lively looks as if she is stuck in a black quick sand.


MET BALL 2013 Fashion_Celebrities


Jennifer Lopez was spotted, Sarah Jessica Parker did turn to be the punk princess of the evening. Kim Kardashian, oversized peanut turned into a potato now.


MET BALL 2013 Fashion_Hair_Red Eye Make up

Solange Knowles, love the dress, minus the hair.  Kristen Stewart , painting the town red.


MET BALL 2013 Fashion Wear

Lily Collins, that make up and arm candy caught my attention, Unfortunately both for wrong reasons.

Miranda Kerr, Victoria’s Secret Models are supposed to be lovely girls, not baddies.

Nina Dobrev , you can wear this to Academy nights too. What’s different?

Spiked Accessories:

MET BALL 2013 Spiked Accessories_Jacket_Hair band_collar

Sienna Miller with spiked jacket and hair band, Taylor Swift with spiked collar,


MET BALL 2013 Spiked Accessories_Ear rings_Hair pins

Jessica Alba with spiked earrings, Jullianne Hough with spiked hair pins,


MET BALL 2013 Spiked Accessories_Necklace_Belt

Ivanka Trump with spiked necklace, Cameron Diaz with spiked belt.


Eye Make up:

MET BALL 2013 Eye makeup_colorful eyes

Elle Fanning, Emily Blunt, Kristen Stewart chose unusually colourful eyes. RED EYES!!


MET BALL 2013 Eye makeup_thick brows_Gothic feline eyes

Lily Collins, Gniffer Goodwin with super thick brows and January Jones with Gothic feline eyes.

Hair do:

Spiked hair, Punk head gear, Ballon Pony, Gothic Blond hair, Gelled updo where the call of the evening.

MET BALL 2013 Hair do_Spiked_Punk head gear_Ballon pony


MET BALL 2013 Hair do_Gothic Blond_Gelled


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  1. Exactly Tulips, all r looking so very funny :laugh: and the way they are described :rotfl:
    Superb post Avanti :-)) :yes:

  2. Haha! Such a fun must b ao much fun t dress up this way…sigh..thinking of costumes i used t wear fr skool functions as a kid… 🙂


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