Metabolism and weight loss

Previously it was believed that if you want to lose weight then only solution is too go on diet and exercise.However nowadays the term metabolism has become a new fad and is considered to be one of the effective method of losing weight.
Most of us are aware that to speed up the  metabolism one should eat small meals frequently and drink water as much as possible.Cold water plays an important role when compared to warm water because when we drink cold water our body burn calories warming it up to its temperatue.
Even chemicals such as nicotine and caffeine do have some small effects but are not recommended due to its various side effects which includes increasing the heart rate as well.
Experts believe that when one goes on diet then the person metabolic rate gets affected.This is because when one restrict the calories going inside the body then unwanted fat gets stored in the body which even slows the weight loss too.
Slower weight loss is caused by the ‘starvation mode’ when the body becomes super efficient at making the most of the calories it does get from food and drink.This leads to loss of muscles which in turns lowers down our metabolic rate .Slower metabolic rate body needs fewer calories to survive.
Many of you must have known that Men who have high proportion of muscles have a higher metabolic rate which is the rate at which our body burn calories.This is the reason higher muscles man have a faster metablolism when compared to women.
It is very important to protect our metabolic rate especially when one is on diet and therefore one should diet sensibily with the right intake so that you lose fat rather than muscles.
Being physically active is considered to be the best way to reduce weight.One can easily lose weight in long run by increaisng muscles and decreasing fat by just being physcially more active.Body muscles burns 73 more calories per kilogram per day than fat does and therefore one foucs should be more on how to be physically more active and maintain high metabolism rather than following any fad diet.
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