Mickey Contractor Collection – 25 Things About MAC Mickey Contractor collection


So here I am with my Micky contractor collection  haul, mini  reviews and swatches

Collection had four limited edition eye shadows :-

1) Saffron – All my Indian friends must be familiar with this colour.It is the light shimmery version of Hanuman ji’s sindoor :).Quite pigmented and gives a smooth finish.

2) Marvel – This is a light  purple colour eyshadow with slight shimmer in it.It is little less pigmented when compared to saffron eyeshadow but it easily builds up.

MAC saffrom eyeshadow and MAC marvel eyeshadow
MAC Saffron and MAC Marvel eyeshadow

Here are the swatches of MAC Saffron and MAC Marvel

MAC Safrron and MAC Marvel Swatches
MAC Safrron And MAC Marvel Swatches

I would really like to have a similar saffron shade lipstick. The Colour is really pretty and I am glad it is in my collection now:)

3) MAC Rani Eyeshadow -This is a fuchsia pink with very light shimmer in it.Very sheer and colour is hard to build up therefore I thought of skipping it.

MAC Rani eyeshadow
MAC Rani eyeshadow swatches

Swatches of MAC Rani Eye shadow and Oomph

I swatched both the colour twice to give you the right shade .

4) MAC Oomph eyeshadowIs a slight shimmery forest green colour with some subtle gold shimmer in it.It is similar to Body shop baked eye colour. My friend really wanted to buy this one but then I made her buy the body shop baked one and she was pretty happy with the result.:P

MAC Rani eyeshadow and MAC Oomph eyeshadow swatches
MAC Rani eyeshadow And MAC oomph eyeshadow swatches

5) It was sad to see the lack of enthusiasm towards the mickey contractor collection.I went to buy the collection after a week and still whole of the collection was there and there was not even a single customer leaving beside me in the showroom.

Don’t forget to notice the MUA below she spent 2 hours with me and told me about the whole collection. She also taught me how to use the select moisturizer corrector in coral /yellow. She did makeup on one eye and asked me to do the other eye myself.I was quite enjoying my makeup lessons. Can you notice her eye makeup? it was fab! She had used the oomph eyeshadow on her eyelid and shimmery brown on the crease and was looking just fantastic.

MAC Mickey contractor collection FOTD

6) Here are the swatches  of select moisturizer corrector in coral /yellow on NC 43(Rs 1050 INR)

select moisturizer coral corrector

6) One needs little bit of practice when using the corrector and when I tried it I was not much impressed.Instead of wasting my time in bringing out my right skin colour shade I will prefer buying a concealer and using it directly on my skin.Though according to Mickey one needs to first use the corrector, then foundation and then the concealer so if some body has the patience and the skill to use it then it can turn out to be a HG product for them.

7) This is MAC Gulabi lipstick on NC 42-43 .It looked fab on my friend. Lipstick is very opaque and pigmented therefore she topped it up with lipglass in LUST which toned down the colour and it stayed for 7-8 hours even after having food and drinks number of times.I was not much interested in buying gulabi but when I saw it on her I went really mad but some how my friend convinced me to buy the lipglass and not the lipstick.

MAC Lipstick Mehr swatches8) Starting from the left (MAC Mickey contractor Lipstick Price Rs 990 INR)

Gulabi– You have already seen FOTD of gulabi which is  dark pink fuchsia opaque colour (somewhat similar to the eyeshadow colour)with a matte finish.Very moisturizing, it stays put for 7-8 hours easily.

Mehr – Mehr is a neutral pink colour which too has a matte finish.This colour will suit almost all Indian skin tone.

Mocha – It is a peach brown lipstick colour which is moisturzing and and is quite opaque. SA told me that it is in their permanent collection too so I skipped it thinking I can buy it anytime.

Yash – SA told me that this colour is going to give the best of nude on my lips but when I used it, it almost looked as if I am wearing a concealer on my lips.It has a matte finish

MAC Mickey contractor lipstick swatches (Left to Right ) – Gulabi , Mehr , Mocha and Yash

9) I thought MAC MUA will atleast pronounce Yash as Indian Yash but she was following the foreign accent only and called it YAAASH :P.I really enjoyed listening to her 🙂

10) Lip glass in Mehr Rs 950

If you love nude and have got pigmented lips then this one is a must have. It is opaque, creamy and moisturizing gloss which stays for5-6 hours easily. I infact tried it on all my nude lipstick of colorbar, maybelline and what not today and just fell in love with it. Truly loved it!

Liglass In Mehr
Lipglass In FLESH

11) Swatches of Lipglass in Flesh

Swatches of MAC Lipglass in Flesh

12 ) Lipglass in lust: If you are more of a pink person then you can pick lust lipglass which is kind of a liquidy mehr lipstick .This is what my friend has topped up in the above FOTD. It is going to look beautiful on almost all the dark pink lipsticks. If you find your pink too harsh then you know what to use on top of it to make it look flattering .Very pigmented, creamy and moisturizing with a great lasting power.

13) MAC Fluidline swatches in siahi and ivyRs 1000INR

MAC IVY and MAC Siahi fluidline swatches(Lto R) MAC Ivy fluidline and MAC Siahi fluidline swatches

14) MAC Gana Blush – (Rs 1150 INR)

MAC Gana Blush

15) This is the only highlighter in the MAC Mickey Contractor collection.It is a very light shimmery whitish gold colour. When I used it, it didn’t made any difference on me at all.Just some sheen that is it.It is best to be used as a brow bone highlighter than as a blush and when it comes to highlighter, MAC rice paper is a better choice than anything else for me right now.

16) MAC Gana blush swatches (Sorry but it is very sheer and it didn’t come out that bright but I hope you get an idea of this)

MAC gana blush swatches

17) There were few more things in the collection which few of you might be interested in. One of them is MAC Blush in sur which is of rosy brown colour and when used, it made me look little dull so I didn’t picked it. I think it will look much better in NC 30’s range.

18) There was an eyeshadow quad which has colours named Vivha, Jaan, Folie and Carbon in which folie and carbon are already in their permanent collection. The quad costs Rs 2300 .You can check out their swatches here.

19) – In the end I asked one of the MAC MUA about Mickey contractor not being called in the Hyderabad MAC store.He gave a very interesting answer to me. He said “Mickey needs crowd which might have not been possible in Hyderabad center” .:P If I knew that Mickey was not coming here because of this reason then I would have easily collected my Wise She gang of Mitra, Rupa, Gunjan, Anuradha and many more here and made Mickey happy with lot of Minnies like us surrounding him for makeup tips 😛

Anyways next time 🙂

Hope Mickey gets to introduce many many more collections and make us Indians proud:)

20)My top four picks from this collection

1.MAC Fluidline in Siahi and Ivy.

2. MAC lipglass in Mehr and Lust

3.MAC Gulabi lipstick

4. MAC eyeshadow in saffron

Your neigbour hood friend


Eyeshadow X 4 in Athma clockwise from shimmery gold bottom pan at the bottom: Vivha, Jaan, Folie and Carbon


  1. Awesome ! Yes I would have loveddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd to meet Mickey ji. We should all have ganged up together and gone !Listen I’m coming to Hyd soon, we should plan to meet up

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  3. What a lovely post! 😎 I really enjoyed reading it – even more than the collection which I found very *meh* 😐 to be honest. I had been saving up since some time to get this – I was planning to get the quad – since it seemed like VFM but i didn’t like the shades. :no:

  4. yes even i wanted the quad but the shades were not very appealing.especially the lipsticks 🙁

    i thought i will get my perfect nude:(

  5. You bought AAALLLL of these !!!!!!! I am JEALOUS !!!!! :alien: :alien: :devil:

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  6. so how did the make up you did on one eye turn out ?:-)
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  7. haan hum bulat gayeeee :D:d

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  11. omg! Fantastic article Anamika. You’ve given a wonderful overview of the Mickey Contractor collection. Will be very useful to those who are going to buy something from it. Can’t wait to see your looks using these.


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