Milani Eye Shadow Atlantis Shade & Swatch


Milani Eye Shadow Atlantis Shade & Swatch

Hello Everyone,

Today I am here to show another interesting eye shadow from the raved brand of cosmetics which is Milani. It is a beautiful aqua blue shade powder eye shadow which I really liked.

About Milani Eye Shadow Atlantis Shade-

Intensely pigmented eye shadows that leave an incredible deposit of color on lids. Glides on silky-smooth, blends effortlessly and resists fading and creasing. Available in 12 high-impact shades.

Milani eyeshadow atlantis review

Price– $1.29 for 1.65g

Directions To Use-Use a light shade over the entire area from the lash line to the brow line to create the smudge resistant base. Apply a medium shade on the lower lid and blend it into your base shade. Use a dark color along the lash line and outer corner of the eyes as an accent to create the depth in eyes.

Pro-Tip-To extend the wear, apply your foundation or pressed powder on entire eyelid before applying your eye shadow. This eliminates any oils your lids may have which can cause your eyeshadow to crease


Milani eyeshadow atlantis shade

Shade- The shade name is Atlantis and it is a beautiful deep aqua blue shade with visible shimmers in it giving an illuminating effect on the eyes.

The shade is very pigmented and a single swipe picks up an intense shade of eye shadow.

Texture– The texture of this eye shadow is powder based and and tends to glide smoothly on the lids, however the powder texture makes it prone to minor fall-outs which can be easily fixed by using an eye primer beneath the concealer.

Atlantis eyeshadow milani review

My Initial Thoughts about Milani Eye shadow Atlantis-

Well, I have to try this eye shadow a few more times to review it as per the staying power, pigmentation, flaky or creasing issues. However the shade is a complete winner for me as it tends to give a vibrant look on the eyes and will make your eye makeup stand-out very beautifully.

The blending power of this eye shadow has been great by far and I feel a primer beneath will make the blending much easier for those who have very dry skin.

The shade will suit all the skin tones as the swipe of this eye shadow with an eye shadow brush comes out as a lovely aqua blue hue  which can be paired with another lighter shade to give a unique look to the eyes.

The shadow surely consists of beautiful shimmers which are so fine that they don’t look much obvious when applied and blended on the eyes. They are not at all gritty and give a beautiful sheen.

As the pigmentation of these shadows is quite great, one should swipe an eye brush with a very light hand so as to achieve a subtle color on the eyes.

Milani eyeshadow 06 atlantis swatch

Well, this is just a preview of the eye shadow and I will be coming with a detailed review and eye look using this eye shadow for you all in the coming days. So stay tuned! 🙂

Have you tried Milani Eyeshadow Atlantis Shade?-

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