Milani Runway Eyeshadow Girls Luv Pink Review & Swatches



Milani Runway Eyeshadow Girls Luv Pink

Hey gorgeous people!! Thank You all for appreciating my eye makeup in the previous reviews 🙂 I am here with another eyeshadow of “Blast From The Past Series”. Read on to know more about this girly pink shadow.


Milani Runway Eyeshadow Girls Luv Pink


Price: $7

About Milani Runway Eyeshadow:

A luxurious, silky-smooth powder eyeshadow baked on terracotta tiles. The glitter overspray temporarilyrjk.j.krjktjkjkkkj.m,,kmkmkmm,.mg,m.g adds bjhjehjrhejhksparkljrkjkjktjkte to this pearl finish eyeshadow. The innovative shade of the curved applicator was designed for a quick and easy application.

Packaging: The packaging looks quite flimsy and cheap but as the color looks fabulous in the pot the packaging doesn’t grab the attention. Though I was excited to nfjsee a curved brush applicator in an eyeshadow for the first time but honestly it is of very cheap quality and won’t be good even for touch ups.


Milani Eyeshadow Girls Luv Pink


My Experience with Milani Runway Eyeshadow- Girls Luv Pink:

I was sooooo excited to see a Milani eyeshadow in my lot and I just couldn’t resist swatching it immediately but sadly when I swatched it my heart broke and fell into pieces :-(. It just failed to show up on my hand and I could only see a light silver shimmer on my hand. Though when I turned it around I clearly saw the direction that it should be used wet for intensity and dry for a light dust. But still it lacks highly in the pigmentation department.

I applied it with a wet brush and I managed to get some color on my lids thankfully but the texture is way too harsh, I blended and blended and blended it but it didn’t look smooth, huh!


Milani Eyeshadow Girls Luv Pink swatch


The staying power is average as well, it starts fading within an hour of application without a primer and in 2 hours along with a primer. The shade is a pretty light pink with silver shimmer and fails to show up on eyes when used dry, no matter how much you layer it.


Milani Girls Luv Pink  Eyeshadow EOTD


So summing it up.

What I like about Milani Runway Eyeshadow Girls Luv Pink:

  • Great set of colors.
  • The pretty pink color.
  • No fall outs when used wet.

What I don’t like about Milani Runway Eyeshadow Girls Luv Pink:

  • Filmsy Packaging.
  • Unpleasant texture.
  • Below average pigmentation.
  • Everything except the shade.
  • Below average staying power.

Do I recommend this Product? Not at all, you may try the other darker shades from this range. Girls definitely love pink but not this one certainly.

Rating: 1/5

Have you tried Milani Runway Eyeshadow Girls Luv Pink?

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