Milani Sunset Duo Blush & Bronzer 01 Sunset Review & Swatches


Milano Sunset Duo Blush & Bronzer 

Getting a bronzer which matches your skin is tricky and failure to find out the right shade may end you up with wrong purchases. Very few people have the right bronzing knowledge and S.A in India believe only in the “fairness” concept. It’s funny when I went to New You and S.A was trying to sell me off tan removal where she badly needed one.They are of  whitening mindset where they think that anything  related to whiteness will sell off quickly . Thing with bronzers is – too much of it makes one look muddy and if you use the wrong shade you will end up looking like a two toned  oompa loopa .

Coming to Milano Sunset Duo Blush & Bronzer 01 Sunset :-

Delivers a fresh, cheeky blush and a healthy-glow bronzer in one convenient compact! Expertly matched blush & bronzer are pressed into one cake, taking out the guesswork on how to coordinate your makeup.


Milan sunset duo blush and bronzer reviews

  • Price – $6.49 for 11.7gm.You can get this on cherry
  • Application  First place a small amount of product on brush and lightly shake off any excess powder. Apply bronzer on forehead, chin, cheeks and nose for sun-kissed glow. Apply blush directly to cheek bones and make sure to blend well to avoid any streak lines. Tip: For a high cheekbone look, apply bronzer underneath cheekbones and blush color directly on the apple of your cheeks. Blend well.

Milani sunset duo bronzer review

My experience with Milano Sunset Duo Blush & Bronzer :-

I liked the packaging of the blush which has one peach shade with a soft gold shimmer in it. The blush compliments my skin tone without making it look muddy which has been my problem with most bronzers. Bronzer occupies a large portion in the pan and is almost matte.It has slight shimmer touch to it which gives a nice glow .

Texture of the blush is smooth and it gives an even application but I guess it won’t suit even skin tones. Also, you get to see two blushes in the pan but one can use it in three ways.You can obviously use it as a bronzer, as a blush and one can also use it as a bronzy peachy blush.

Milano Sunset Duo Blush & Bronzer 01 Sunset Swatches:-

Milan sunset duo blush and bronzer swatches

 How I Use The Bronzer:-

This I am writing for all those who are new to the concept of bronzing. Before applying the bronzer make a fish face and apply it on the hollow of your cheeks.One needs a very light hand and don’t forget to blend it .If you want to give yourself a sunkissed look then apply it on your  jawline and hair line as well.Some prefer applying it under the chin too. Blush  application is just above the bronzer, basically on the apple of your cheeks.

Mlani blush and bronzer swatches

I wore the bronzer and this blush in this princess look.My cheek bones will look more defined to you here than in my usual looks.

Indian princess look

Summing it up

What I like about Milano Sunset Duo Blush & Bronzer:-

  • 11.7gm of blush is something which will take me ages to complete.
  • Bronzer shades suits my skin tone (NC -42)
  • It’s pigmented, smooth and soft in texture.
  • Blends beautifully
  • Blush is close to Nars orgasm.

What I do not like about Milano Sunset Duo Blush & Bronzer:-

  • Not available in India
  • I wish it had an inbuilt mirror in it.

Will I recommend it to others – Yup! It’s definitely worth more than its price.

Have you tried Milano Sunset Duo Blush & Bronzer 01 Sunset?

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  1. I luv these combis..i have this and a coral one and i liv how convenient they are..and ur right gives a very soft yet clear chiselled look to ur face 🙂

    • You have the coral one in this. Kab dhikayegi ?.You know i have a feeling that you recommended me this..but it has been there with me since long so i don remember 😀

  2. It makes lots of diference na, n waise bhi I just love this pic of urs.
    I dont know the technique of using a bronzer :shame:

  3. I have heard a lot of people saying good about Milani products, wish they were available here locally. Its a tempting product. :-)) :yes:

  4. Love the look Ana, sooo pretty :-*
    And thanks for the tips! I’ve been looking for tips AND a kit for contouring. this shud work, is it?
    Have you seen the body shop one? Its a lotion, looks good when swatched but I’m not sure yet what suites and what doesn’t.


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