Face and body scrub with milk

Last time I has told you people about beauty uses of milk for your skin and hair.Recently my friend told me about a great way to use milk on your face and body.


For this take a neat cloth(I used my small thin towel) and dip a part of it in the unboiled full cream milk(fresh milk, kaccha doodh).Now you can apply the milk on your face with the help of the towel.When whole of your face is covered with the milk (including the neck) let the milk dry on its own.It will hardly take five minutes.
Now dip the towel again and scrub your face very gently with the towel. Wash your face after you are done with scrubbing with water.Doing this regularly will improve your complexion , will give a nice glow to your face and keep your skin moisturized all the time.
Few of my readers keep asking me about their acne or other skin problem and weather they can use the remedy after I post any thing.So I am clearing out some point before hand to make it easy for all of you.
*Milk is good for all skin types.
*Even if you have acne prone skin you can use milk and it will help in reducing acne further.
*You will not suffer any kind of break out with this.
You can in fact take a milk bath this way.Just dip the towel and scrub your body with milk.Isn’t it a great feeling?It will take around half kg of milk.Also do not use thick towel otherwise whole milk will be soaked by the towel in one go.
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  1. superb idea …milk is the most natural ingredient that can be used for skin care :)http://weddingonthecards.blogspot.com/

  2. I too like the concept of using milk on the face.. I have too, in the past, but I can't stand the smell of milk. So like you suggested I add rose essential oil to it to make it bearable. But it is amazing for the skin. Leaves it supersoft 😉

  3. It gives such an beautiful glow that I use it whenever I make tea for myself in the morning.:)Thanks for passing byTanzHave a great day ahead.


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