Milk Cream Face Packs For Soft Skin


Milk Cream Face Packs For Soft Skin

Malai or milk cream is a natural source of nourishment for the whole body including your skin. I remember how my granny used to keep poking me to include milk cream in my milk and have it directly while I found it difficult to gulp it down. Well, today I realize what all benefits malai or milk cream actually has, especially on the skin.

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I am sharing today a few face packs which will leave you amused enough to try for a better skin. All these packs are completely home based and are helpful in improving the texture of the skin and making it softer. The Lactic acid in milk cream is a natural conditioner for the skin and helps remove pigmentation and extreme dryness. I am sure we all can benefit a lot out 0f these packs.

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Read on!

Milk cream with turmeric face pack

This face pack is useful if you are looking to get a fairer skin with softened touch and feel. Mix 2-3 pinches of turmeric into 1 teaspoonful of milk cream and apply over your washed face.

gram flour scrub

It is usually advised to be done during the night time by allowing the pack to stay on your face overnight. However, one can also do it in the day time if you are free to laze out and keep it for good 2-3 hours.

Milk cream with lime juice face pack

lemon juice

If you want a flawless skin free of dark spots, go for this pack. Just mix 1 teaspoonful of milk cream with 2-3 drops of lemon juice and apply on your face. Let the mask rest on your face overnight or for 2-3 hours during the day and then wash it off.

Milk cream with banana pulp face pack

banana lychee face pack

This is a short cut face pack for glow and softness. Mash one banana and mix it with milk cream. Apply on dried face and leave it on for 20 minutes. You will find your skin softer and glowing after these not so long 20 minutes. I am doing this over the weekend for sure 😉

Milk cream and gram flour face pack

gram flour

For this pack, mix 1 teaspoon milk cream to 1 teaspoon gram flour. You may also add 2-3 strands of saffron for that extra glow. Now let it dry on your face and rinse off. This pack will lend to your face a new softness as well as glow which will make you love this pack.

Milk cream and Rose petal face pack

This face pack is definitely a good pick if you are looking at softness with glow in shorter period of time. For this take some rose petal leaves and crush them. Add milk cream in almost equal quantity and mix them well. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off after 15 minutes and moisturize to lock and retain the hydration.

almond rose scrub swatch

I hope you find these malai or milk cream packs helpful. Specially since all the ingredients used along are readily available with us at all times across seasons. I have kept in mind the time constraint for busy working women as well. So, all you ladies do try these packs for that soft and supple face that we always struggle to have especially during the winters.

Have you tried any of these milk face packs?

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