Milk of Magnesia – Benefits for Oily Skin


Milk of Magnesia – Benefits for Oily Skin


Summers are back and so is that oily, sticky skin. The whole summers are nightmarish for skin especially if you have oily skin or combination to oily skin. Whatever you do, your T-zone will start ‘shimmering’ and worse if you wear makeup, patchiness will be there soon :-(. I hate summers for this.
I’ve heard a lot about benefits of Milk of Magnesia for Oily skin. Many bloggers and beauty experts recommend it to keep the face matte.




milk of magnesia for oily skin


What is Milk of Magnesia

Most of us know that it is a laxative. But you don’t have to consume it to get oil-free skin :-P. It is to be applied on face. It contains zinc which helps in healing wounds. It has anti-bacterial properties that prevent sebum-formation on skin. Milk of Magnesia is easily available in medical stores. It has following benefits-

Primer- Milk of Magnesia (MoM) can be used as a makeup primer. Cleanse your face and moisturize it. Then apply a very thin layer of MoM on your face. Apply your makeup after 3-4 minutes. Your makeup will not budge even if you have the most slippery skin. This is the best and cheapest primer.
If you notice any whitish layer on your face, rub it off gently.

Shine Control- We love to shine but oily shine is a strict no-no. MoM helps here too. If used as a mask, it soaks up the shine and gives clear skin. Take a small amount in a bowl and apply it on your face thinly, coating evenly. Wash off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. You are ready to rock whole day without oiliness.

You should not rub the MoM on the skin at any point.

Cleansing Properties- It cleanses all the impurities from face, helps in healing wounds and also kills bacteria.

Pore Minimizer- MoM is the easiest way to close the open pores. It visibly reduces the pore size also.

Blemish Removal- With regular usage, MoM reduces tanning and makes skin oil-free. It reduces acne and their marks.

Few Words of Caution

Milk of Magnesia is not suitable for dry skinned girls. Always buy the regular variant for facial use and not the flavoured ones. It should not be overused, just once or twice a week. Use in small quantities and do not use if you have sensitive skin. Always shake the bottle well before using MoM.

Have you tried Milk of Magnesia?

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  1. I have dry skin but oily lids and I was genuinely contemplating using MoM but then I found a perfect eye primer… :p
    But very informative article…. Kudos!


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