Milk Thistle For Hangover Cure


Milk Thistle For Hangover Cure

Upset Stomach, headache, dry mouth and blurred vision. The moment when you start remembering your last night drinks and give up too soon. When you feel that why the hell did you drink so much and now even standing from bed seems difficult. When you cannot sleep because of body ache and it is too hard to get energy and leave your cozy bed.

Than welcome, you have HANGOVER.!!

how to cure hangover

Treating hangover is must as Hangover has the power to spoil your whole day. It kills more when it is weekend. Other than Lime, Curd and many hangover pills available in the market, there is one more thing which you must have heard as the best cure of hangover and it is Milk Thistle.

Milk Thistle is known for Hangover cure and many people swear of it. Many tablets, powders are available in bhe market which guarantees the effects of it. The best part is that it is totally natural and safe to use. Even doctors recommends this dose, people above the age of 40 are seen taking its pills on regular basis to cure their liver problems.

So let’s understand what it is and how it actually helps.

Milk Thistle And Hangover Treatment

Milk Thistle is a purplish and white plant which belongs to the Daisy family. Name Milk Thistle came as while crushing it stem, a white fluid comes out. For more than 2000 years, this magical plant is being use to treat various diseases.

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This plant is also called as Marry Thistle in the honor of Virgin Marry. It is said that while breastfeeding to Jesus, some of the milk of Virgin Marry get dropped on this plant and thus it became so divine to treat many diseases. The seed of Milk Thistle contains a bioflavonoid complex which is known as Silymarian. Silymarian is extracted from fruits of this plant.

According to the studies, it is found out that by blocking the entrance of harmful toxins and removing the existing toxins from level, this plant protects the cells of the liver.

With flavanoids, milk thistle becomes a powerful antioxidant which actually works to maintain the energy by protecting the body and liver from damage, mainly from injuring healthy tissues and cells.

Milk Thistle is a very old herbal product which has medicinal properties to cure big diseases. It can cure indigestion and upset stomach because of excessive consumption of alcohol. One can take its tablets both before and after having alcohol. Also it is easily available at all drugs store.

This herb is being used as a herbal remedy for hangover since the time when alcohol was used to protect liver from damage.

milk thistle for hangover cure

It is to be noted that doses above 1500 mg per day can cause diarrhea, so beware.

Also for pregnant ladies, it is not advisable to consume Milk Thistle Tablets. Better situation is to consult doctor for the dosage if you feel the need to take it for getting over the hangover.

More benefits of Milk Thistle

Other than Hangover cure, Milk Thistle can is good in the following situations as well :

– It improves the blood sugar levels
– Helps with intestinal and indigestion issues
– Reduces the growth of cancer cells in breast, lungs, throat.
– Prevent from Alzheimer’s disease.
– Protects from sun rays and sun allergy.
– Curing jaundice
– Lowering the cholesterol levels.
– Cure Diabetes

Did you know about Milk Thistle For Hangover Cure?

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