Miners Jewel face Palette Review & Swatches


Hi Everyone,

Few months ago was just browsing the UT website to find out what’s new in their store that I came through a new brand “Miners” which is basically a Chinese Brand. I got attracted by their packaging and affordable prices and bought the Jewel Face Palette.

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About Miners Jewel face Palette:-

Everything you need to create dazzling looks on the move. Jewel Face Palette by Miners Cosmetics has all the shimmering colors you need to create dazzling looks on the move. The hand bag sized set contains



How to Use

Jewel Eye Palette from Miners Cosmetics contains all the metallic Eye shadow you need to create a stunning look. Simply have fun and experiment whenever you feel the urge – day or night!

  • Price: Rs. 330/-
  • Quantity: 6g
  • Shelf Life: 3years




My experience with Miners Jewel faces Palette:

I got attracted by the packaging of the palette and also by its name “Miners-Jewel Face Palette”. It has a sky-blue colored metallic packaging with a see through lid. Inside it has a blush, 3 eye shadows and 2 lip glosses. Along with a build in mirror and 2 double sided brushes. The mirror is very small so can be used only to apply lip gloss. Now going towards the brushes, they are double sided, in one side it’s a shadow applicator and other side a lip gloss applicator. The shadow applicator is okay but the lip gloss applicator is just rubbish and of no use.





Now would like to tell you in detail about the blush, shadows and the glosses:

  • Blush: It’s a peachy pinkish mauvish shade with a pearly effect. The pigmentation is so-so and staying power is for about 2 hours. I didn’t like the shade personally.
  • Eye shadows: There are 3 shades of eye shadows in the palette- green, copper brown and the third is nude brown. They are superbly pigmented and without any fall out. All three shades are nice and stays for about 3-4 hours. I use the nude shade daily for my office and it looks very subtle. The green and copper shade have very tiny shining particles which are not at all OTT, and looks beautiful.
  • Lip Glosses: I didn’t liked the lip glosses in this palette. They are sticky and the color doesn’t shows up at all. Not even any shiny particles are present , it just gives a sticky feel to the lips. They are not flavored, so no tint or scent. I am not at all using them. You can see in the swatches, they are not at all visible, I don’t like such glosses. It should have been called a lip balm or something.

What I like about Miners Jewel face Palette:

  • Available in almost all websites
  • Affordable
  • 3-in-1 palette
  • Nicely pigmented eye shadows with good staying power
  • Nice simple packaging
  • Sturdy

What I don’t like about Miners Jewel face Palette:

  • Lip glosses are not good
  • Blush is not very pigmented
  • Bad brushes


Rating: 2.5/5

My take on Miners Jewel face Palette:



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