Miracle Hair Pack /Treatment For Damaged Hair + Video


Miracle Hair Pack /Treatment For Damaged Hair + Video

Hey girls!

Today I am going to share a hair pack that did wonders to my dry and damaged hair. Its a great pack to be used after your sea bath, pool trip, heat styling or anything that damages your hair totally. This is basically a henna pack. So use this if you are OK with using henna on hair.

Henna and Aloevera Pack for Damaged Hair_ blended+treatments for dry hair


Curry Leaves– Also known as sweet neem, curry leaves help in reviving and repairing the roots of your hair. Their regular usage helps in strengthening hair follicles. It acts as a first aid to damaged hair.

Fenugreek– Methi or fenugreek contains nicotinic acid which is extremely effective in strengthening the hair from roots. The natural tonic present in fenugreek hydrates hair and brings back the luster & bounce.

fenugreek seeds

Curd– This is an excellent tonic for improving the quality of hair. It prevents hair loss and is one of the best conditioners.

curd for skin

Henna– It is a great conditioner. It adds shine and volume to hair. It shields hair from damage.

Method Of Preparation-

Take 2 tsp fenugreek seeds and 5-6 twigs of curry leaves in a grinder. Add some yogurt and blend. You will get a coarse mixture. I make paste of thick consistency. Add henna powder. I added 200 g henna but you can use as per your hair length. Add more yogurt to make a paste of the desired consistency. I used around 150 g curd. You can also add water to make a thinner mixture. Mix well.

Apply it on hair and scalp in small sections. I leave it on for about 2 hours but for very damaged hair, you can keep the paste on for 4-5 hours.  Then wash off as usual.

If you do not want to apply henna then just use all other ingredients in higher quantity. Add amla powder and apply to hair.

Do not apply this pack if you have colored hair as henna will change the color. It is best to use this pack in summers. Avoid it in winters because henna is cold-natured and can give you cough and cold.

This pack will give you shiny, beautiful and super-soft hair. Use it once or twice a month.

Watch the video for more details-

Have you tried this Hair Pack for Damaged Hair?

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