Miss Claire Eye Shadow Palette 4 Review & Swatches


Miss Claire Eye Shadow Palette 4 Review & Swatches – Finally I got myself a full fledged eye shadow palette after hunting for an affordable option for sometime. Regular brands have eye shadow kits with fewer shades which means that one has to buy more variants to get access to all the shades. What can be better than a Miss Claire palette that is so pocket friendly! Keep reading to know more.


Miss Claire Eye Shadow Palette


  • Price: 350 INR.You can get Miss claire products online.



Eye Shadow Palette Miss Claire


The palette comes packed in a nice off white plastic box with a mirror on the reverse side of the lid and two eye shadow brushes.. There are eleven colors provided altogether ranging from the pink, blue and neutral color family.


I have divided the shades into three sub heads. The first one consists of brown and neutral shades. In this, the shades swatched from top to bottom are brown, peachy brown, copper and peach. Among these shades, the shade copper has maximum shimmer present in it. While others contain few shimmer particles due to which they do not look very loud in daytime. With this I can say that except the copper shade, others can be worn on a regular basis while the copper would be apt for special occasions.


Miss Claire Eye shadow


In the next set of colors, I have swatched shades of the pink family. While the top most one is a highlighter shade, the next one is a frosty pink and the other is a soft matte pink. The last one is red. In this segment all the shades have minimum glitter particles and they hardly show up. I believe that I will finish up the matte and the frosty pink shade much before the other shades because I pick that more often than the other shades.

The last one belongs to the blue family. The top most shade is a light electric blue and the best among the three. The next is chalky blue while the last is teal but looks different on wearing. In fact the last shade which I thought would be most interesting came out to be the one having maximum shimmers and least pigmented.

Texture and Pigmentation

The texture of these eye shadows is quite powdery, thus it becomes easy to pick the required color with the brush. Once applied it does not fall out and is completely safe with contact lenses. While the pigmentation is concerned these shadows are on the sheer side and at least one needs to pick color thrice to get the exact shade. The finish it gives is between matte and shiny.

Staying Power:

I am glad to tell you that these shadows have an amazing staying power of more than 6 hours without wearing a primer underneath. I did not expect this to be so good actually. Also it does not vanish inappropriately. It fades evenly, not looking patchy or ugly.

Miss Claire Eye Shadow Palette 4 Swatches:


Miss Claire eyeshadow swatches

Miss Claire eyeshadow swatch

Miss Claire  shadow swatches


The shade selection in this eye shadow palette is extremely good and I am looking forward to get hold of the other one which would have something in green and violet. Overall at this price I do not think I can ask for anything more than this.

Summing it up:

What I like about Miss Claire Eye Shadow Palette 4:

  • Good shade selection
  • Has less shimmers
  • Pocket friendly
  • No funny smell
  • Powdery but does not fall out
  • Extremely good staying power
  • Safe  with contacts
  • Does not fade inappropriately

What I dislike about Miss Claire Eye Shadow Palette 4:

  • Sheer pigmentation of few shades

Overall verdict:

In all this is a good pick if you want many eye shadows ranging from shiny to chalky ones in one kit without having to spend much moolah.

Wise she rating: 4/5


  1. I am also using eyebrow pencil of Miss Claire…it is far better than lot of high end Eyebrow pencils. Iam going to repurchase it once this one gets over.


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