Miss Claire Eyeshadow Small (Cranberry- 0253) Review & MAC Cranberry Dupe


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Hi Gals !
Today I’m going to evaluate Miss Claire Eyeshadow. First of all, Miss Claire is a Korean cosmetic product (From internet). Since I was to attend a wedding Few months ago, I was in frantic need of an eyeshadow, perhaps a single eyeshadow because I did not wanted to buy a whole palette

Miss Claire Eyeshadow Small (Cranberry- 0253) Review:

And I wanted that eyeshadow to be a cranberry/burgundy/maroon+brown mix ! So my search ended when I bought this eyeshadow from Miss Claire :-

Miss Claire Eyeshadow Small (Cranberry- 0253) Review:

Description of Miss Claire Eyeshadow Small Cranberry

  • This is from Miss Claire, a single eyeshadow in small size.
  • It comes in a small round case, with a plastic top to clearly see the color of the eyeshadow.
  • On the bottom of eyeshadow, there’s a description of ingredients used and the shade number.
  • The color of eyeshadow is a pretty cranberry color, and I found it to be a great dupe for MAC Cranberry too (p.s I don’t owe Mac Cranberry, but I’d be showing the similarity between the both).
  • The texture is very smooth, and is very easy to be apply.
  • The PIGMENTATION is very great.. trust me when I bought it I didn’t had much expectations, but after using it I was astonished with it’s pigmentation.

Miss Claire Eyeshadow Small Cranberry Review+Canburry eyeshadow India

What I like about  Miss Claire  Eyeshadow Cranberry?

  • It was the exact cranberry eyeshadow that I was searching for.
  • The color payoff is extremely good. At wedding, I did my makeup in the morning time and the eyeshadow was great enough till evening without any primer ( I do tend to crease eyeshadow because of oily lids).
  • The pigmentation is excellent ! Even a small amount gives that exact cranberry color.
  • I got this for INR:200/-
  • This small eyeshadow will last long.


MAC Cranberry Eyeshaow dupe

Following is the Swatch of Miss Claire Cranberry Eyeshadow :-

Miss Claire Eyeshadow Small  Cranberry Swatches

It is exactly like MAC Cranberry which you can see here

There are no issues with this eyeshadow, although I’m not sure it’s available throughout India or not. Overall I’m extremely impressed by this eyeshadow.

I would rate it 4.5/5  😛 (0.5 for the availability 😛 )


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    • nooo i have just come across miss claire eyeshadows, might try to review its palettes too 😛 i have two palettes

      • wow! i see their pgments also but never use pigments so never get them…hav u used their blushes by any chance? 😛

        • na na only eyeshadows 🙁 thats why have deducted marks from the rating lol 😀 😛 would want to try their blushes.. because the e/s are pretty pigmented + at a decent price 😉

  1. it looks fantastic by the even Lakme botanica too have this eyeshadow like this :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:

  2. goodie good girl !! i love the look of the blog. It looks organised and accessible. You will definitely hit more traffic 🙂 Good luck for that !

  3. I have read good reviews about miss claire shadows on other blogs too. This one is a pretty shade Upasna!
    I have their pencil liners and cake eyeliner! Should do a review..right??!! 😉 :evilgrin:

  4. @anzz:m loving the look of the blog…… :heart:
    @upasana:pretty shade n decently priced too……nice review… :yes:

    • Hi Nivedita..i like the miss claire ones..but m not fond of VOV..their blushes hav so much fallout and coz of that its so hard to control the amount of blush…but ofcourse i dunno bout their liners n all..r they gud?

    • naa…not that ive seen..its pretty locally available…a bit like VOV so its not available online..infact miss clare is available for diff prices in diff stores…so its hard t put it up online..


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