Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream 08 Review


Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream 08 Review

Hi lovely ladies!

I am back today to give you a hands-on review of Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream 08. It is a peachy pink color which is very soft toned and does not look very bright on the lips but it is one shade brighter than the shade 05 from the same brand.

miss claire lip cream shades

About Miss Claire lip creams

The packaging as I already told you in my last review of shade 05 is light weight, transparent cylindrical and easy to carry packaging. Shades are visible on the outside through the transparent bottle and the shade numbers are mentioned at the bottom. The packaging is good and the applicator is good enough to spread the color on the lips easily. The texture and feel of the color is good on the lips overall.

The color is suitable for all skin tones. For the people with darker tones, it will give a hint of pink lips and for those with fairer tones, the color would look nude. So, a color that is universal.

miss claire soft matte lip cream shade

It is specially suited to people going to college or school for an everyday use like the color 05 which I reviewed recently. Both of these are suited for a Chap Stick kind of a role in your life.
You would need to swatch two coats of the lip cream to get the actual color. It is well pigmented and if you are using more than one coat, which is imperative here, you got to wait for one swatch to settle down before applying the second coat as it would allow the color to settle and make it look better.

My Thoughts About Miss Claire lip creams

Miss Claire lip creams swatches

The staying power is good specially during summers. It therefore, makes it a good choice for the people with dry lips. As it would stay there for long without making you feel the need to replenish it on your lips. Also, it dries to give you a matte look which means it is good to go for any kind of day while you are out. So when you need it glossy it is and to give you a matte look, it dries after sometime but still stays on your lips unlike other lipsticks which eventually disappear.

miss claire soft matte lip cream shade

Another thing good about this color is that it does not settle in between the fine lines and does not create creases. The long lasting nature of the lip cream makes it a good choice for the days you are not in a makeup mood. You could use it over a pink or white top easily and look cool all day.

lip cream on fair skin

INR 195 for this pack is reasonable enough to be paid for being a good dupe of NYX Lipstick which would have otherwise cost INR 750 at least for a similar shade. One could not ask for a better price for the quality this product has. This kind of dupe is surely going to stay and keep impressing us women for our love for lipsticks is unconditional.


One thing you could do for a better performance of this lip cream further is to apply a lip balm underneath it which would complete the SPF and other requirements of this cream. Though the hydration of the lip cream is very good to keep your lips from drying and makes you stay comfortable overall.

You might want to try it and share your views.

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    • Try ebay and i have seen them online but they are little expensive online..

      Best would be to get them from Delhi karol bagh 🙂

  1. Can you suggest an MLBB shade in miss claire (similar to colorbar bare). i am in lookout for long staying lipstick that i can wear to office but in low budget range. i have pigmented lips.

  2. Try this dear..its not exactly colorbar bare but perfect for pigmented lips and you can wear this in your office as well.


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