Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream 12 Review , Swatch & FOTD


Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream 12 Review

Hello Ladies!

Time to review another Miss Claire Soft lip cream. Today, I am going to share my experience using the Lip Cream shade number 12 with you. It is a hot pink color which I know we have loads of them in our vanity. Just like all the other colors which I have swatched for you this one is good too and looks splendid on the lips.

miss claire soft matte lip cream 12

Price – It retails 180 for 6.5 grams, which I feel is quite okay considering the brand and its competitive products in the market.

The best part about the color and the cream is that it does not accentuate your fine lines and wrinkles as it does not settle between the creases. It brightens the lips and keep the wrinkles at bay and makes it blend with the lips perfectly. You can keep the color up to your liking with modulating the number of swatches. Since it dries to matte from a glossy start, you would not be disappointed . Rather you would find it better to be used as one is free from the bouts of replenishment for hours at a stretch.

miss claire soft matte lip cream 12 applicator
During the day time you could use it on a lighter tone doing with one or two swipes but you could increase it to 3 during the night. This color has a inbuilt longevity and it does not fade away with time even after your meals.

The creamy formula is very smooth and the texture is really creamy which easily glides on the skin making you feel good about your lips. It would settle in each and every crease without making it prominent. The pigmentation is very well done without you having to make rough swipes again and again.

miss claire soft matte lip cream 12 shade

Staying power:-

You can expect this color to stay on your lips for good 5- 6 hours which is a complete office day almost. And since it turns to matte, your lips are well hydrated and there is no dryness to make you uncomfortable. You would love the way it slips on your lips and makes you feel good for a long time.

I would suggest this to be used by college girls, office goers and even women who are home makers, yes! You guessed it right; the color is good to go with anyone and everyone.

Miss Claire lip creams swatches

The packaging of this product is very good and makes you feel good about it with the transparent cylinder shaped tubes. The applicator is also good and easy to use. The black cap is comfortable to open. The shade is easy to make out from the bottle itself with the number at the bottom. The only thing missing on the packaging would be price but it is known to us most of the times and is available online so it’s perfectly fine.

Regarding the finish, I am totally satisfied with the product and it surely is a product to be used for long. Considering it is a dupe, it does take over many of the good things apart from the price and is a good purchase.
Miss Claire is sure picking up as a brand specially with these lip creams which we are reviewing these days for you.

miss claire 12 fotd

Do wait for another review in the next post for another shade.
If you feel the same or have a different view about any shades that we have reviewed so far, please do share your reviews 🙂



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