Missoni:Linking Fashion and Interiors


MissoniLinking Fashion

One of the world’s most widely recognised couture brands, we just love the iconic Missoni look! The perfect expression of personal style, a piece from the Missoni collection is a vital addition to the wardrobe of any fashionista.  With a style that has transcended seamlessly from fashion to home interiors, there’s no need to break the bank on catwalk fashion, simply dress your home in Missoni instead!

Check out our designers’ top tips and get the Missoni look yourself…

Missoni Fashion

Born in 1953 from Ottavio Missoni’s heritage in tracksuit manufacturing and Rosita’s flair for design; the Missoni fashion collection really is something spectacular.  Decades on, the collection is as popular as ever, worn by celebrities and royalty and coveted by fashionistas the world over.


MissoniLinking Fashion2

Get the Missoni look yourself with tips from our designers:

  • Inspired by Rosita Missoni’s colourful outlook on life, colour is key to the Missoni look.  Don’t be afraid to use it…and lots of it!
  • Missoni’s signature designs have become iconic in their own right.  With Missoni there are no rules so mix and match bold patterns chevrons, stripes and florals to find the perfect combination that works for you.
  • For a nod to the Missoni look, choose one statement piece from the collection such as a Missoni dress.  Keep the rest of the look simple with neutral tones and plain accessories.
  • Another option to add a subtle splash of Missoni to your wardrobe is to accessorise with a Missoni Bag or scarf; adding a small touch to your outfit but enough to make a statement.


Interior designers at heart, the Missoni Home collection really sparks our interest.  A diverse, unique collection, Missoni Home perfect for adding a touch of style to your interiors.  When it comes to decorating with Missoni, your only limit is imagination and love of colour.


MissoniLinking Fashion3

Get the Missoni look in your own home with our interior designers’ expert tips:

  • When decorating with Missoni Home, let the pieces do the talking.  Keep the rest of the room design simple with clean lines and a subtle colour palette.
  • Add a splash of Missoni style to a subtle room design using some decorative cushions on a block colour sofa or a Missoni scented candle as a feature accessory.
  • Alternatively, go all out with the Missoni look by mixing and matching furniture and accessories in an array of patterns and colours.  With Missoni Home there’s no such thing as too much… clashing is key but stick to colours from the same end of the colour wheel.
  • Don’t be afraid to clash colours or combine florals, stripes and chevrons; it all adds to the look!

The Missoni Lifestyle

Are you convinced yet …?  Don’t worry, you can try out the Missoni look for yourself before you purchase the collection.  Experience the luxury Missoni lifestyle at your leisure with a stay in one of its 5 star boutique Hotels in Edinburgh or Kuwait.


MissoniLinking Fashion4

  • Experience the world of couture interior design for yourself – with bright colours, rich patterns, and eye-catching furniture that is would even impress the likes of Verner Panton!
  • Be inspired by the expert interiors… with a unifying colour palette linking the public spaces and the private rooms, the hotel epitomises luxury boutique living.
  • Proudly showcasing iconic Missoni design, the hotels are bursting with Missoni’s signature patterns from sophisticated monochrome to bright colourful bursts; stepping in to Hotel Missoni is like entering a world of colour.
  • Get an insight into the mind of creative genius Rosita Missoni and her passion to express her own style whilst taking cues from the wider environment.  The beauty of the Missoni vision is that it ensures each and every interior project the brand is entirely unique, from the hotels to your own interiors.

We hope you enjoyed our designers’ piece on Missoni and are inspired to use the brand to add a splash of colour to your life, be it through a statement fashion piece, some bold interior choices or simply through a luxury boutique break at one of the hotels.   We’d love to hear what you think of the Missoni Home collection and if you’ll be using it to add colour to your everyday…?