Moisturizer benefits and how to keep skin moisturized whole year

Using moisturizer during winter is a common phenomenon but many woman avoid using moisturizer in summers as it give a sticky feeling .I too have done the same during my college days and I regret  it now.I wouldnt have to struggle with my skin that much which I did before if I knew about application of correct moisture.
Our skin needs moisture whole year and in summers too. Even if the upper layer of the skin is oily in the hot and humid season deep down our skin gets drier day by day if not moisturized properly. One needs to moisturize the lower layer of the skin and understand what kind of nourishment or moisturizing it needs.Regular usage of moisture impart a beautiful glow to our skin.
Below are some moisturizing tip for all types of skin
*Buy a good cleansing milk and clean the face with it two or three times a day in summers or rainy season.In this season our oil glands are quiet active and therefore make our skin look dull .If we clean our face before applying moisturizer it wont make you feel that oily.
*If you have dry skin then use moisturizer which has lactic acid and alpha hydro acid based moisturizer.
*If you find a moisturizer which has milk, fruits or curd as their main ingredient then it will be helpful for your skin.
*Try looking for a face wash which has pro vitamin B5 and vitamin E as this act as an anti oxidant and save the skin from getting damaged.
*Our lips too need regular moisturization. Most of us don’t realize this but our lips get affected the most when exposed to sun. This is because they do not have melanin in them. Those who have brownish or dark lips can apply lip balm which is gel based where as those who have dry lips they lips can apply petroleum based lip balms.
By applying moisturizer to our face and lips we can slower down the aging process and look much younger. In fact applying correct moisturizer helps in removing darkness, pigmentation and fine lines.
A wiseshe reader Harsha  found a moisturizer which really helped her oily sensitive skin.To read about the review click  here.
Will you like to share with us about any moisturizer which has benefited your skin?
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  1. How true this post is!! I have an oily skin and I have seen my face flaking even in summers just because of lack of moisturizer. You're an angel for many of us!!

  2. Yup Upasana…i remember being out for long hours and using sunscreen for just once and thinking my skin is protected…damn!!!


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