Mommie Dressing Week 8 – Hello Westside On Tata Cliq & Too Much Happening


Mommie Dressing Week 8 – Hello Westside On Tata Cliq

Hello everyone!

There is just too much happening around the world from Modi’s banning of all the 500s and 1000s and OMG! Trump becoming the President.When we sit at the comfort of our home there are so many things taking place which sooner or later will effect us.I see all the Muslims around so damn scared and there are so many ugly facebook fights.

I do not understand why these thing happens..Most of us just aspire to do well and live with our family, be with our kids and see them growing up then where does the question of hate even arise ?


You must have read lot of post by Neha here..She is a Muslim and I am a Hindu and there has never been an incident where she has shown her superiority of her religion or I have shown mine. We just enjoy our work, our makeup, videos and social media and that is it..We are honest, simple and God fearing people ..Why is world not like that and why the so much hate and why people are becoming sadist day by day..Why people enjoy seeing anyone going down and hate seeing people rising up ?


There are lot of questions which do not have answers thankfully there are something which are there which makes our life happier..SHOPPING!

Hello Westside On Tata Cliq

Recently! Westside got associated with TATA Cliq and there have introduced a very interesting concept. I have always wondered why Westside is not online. Also I liked their stuff and like the comfort which they come with and designs are apt for women of all the age.


One can not only buy Westside clothes from TATA Cliq online just like any other brand but to make shopping extra special WESTSIDE has something interesting.One can order from the website (TATA Cliq) and go to their near by WESTSIDE store and try the clothing and get them form there..They can even change them from Westside store.This is so good ..No need to spend time in checking out all the stuff in the store,  just select online, place your order and try in the store directly and bring it home 😀


Just to try the both the facilities I ordered the Kurti online and got it delivered to my place and a skirt which I ordered online and picked it up from the store after trial..I am going to show that to you later..

I purchased my Kurta from here





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