Monsoon Beauty Hacks for Working Women


Hey Pretty Women,

I love monsoons! The smell of mud, the falling rain drops it is all so mesmerizing. I mean who could hate rains is what I wonder. But yes after the fiasco that happened with a lot of people in and around Gurugram that fateful night, I think I also might feel averse to monsoons sometimes but that is for the infrastructural constraints we have. Rains are still great and awesome!

Nevertheless, there are some hacks that you could at least follow and be less worried about enjoying the weather. Because the worst part about the weather is humidity which kills your happiness and is definitely not something you want. The sweat and the heat makes you perspire and entire body including the hair gets affected which is like the last thing you look forward to in the season but since it is something beyond your control, it is better to be prepared likewise for the season as the weather demands.

Hair hacks

hair care monsson hacks
Since hair also face the atrocities of the weather, it is better to use light serums and avoid heavy products like mousse during the season. It is better to go for top knots, buns etc. to save you a bad hair day instead of using perspiring products to create havoc in your hair.

Face and Skin Hacks

monsoon beauty and hair care tips for working women
It is necessary for you to keep your skin clean as humidity would make it oily or even dry. To prevent it, you should cleanse your skin twice a day. You should use a cleanser for your own skin type oil or cream based face cleanser for dry skin and soap free gel for an oily skin. Do not forget to moisturize which I always propagate as the necessary ordeal.

Eye makeup hacks

eyemakeup in monsoon
Do not go overboard with colors in the season as the rain water is enough to wash your makeup off or else the humid weather would do. It is much better to go for water proof eye liners creating graphic eye looks rather than going heavy with eye shadows etc.

Makeup hacks

makeup tips for working women in monsoon
For makeup, you should avoid your heavy base foundation. Instead, you should use a BB CC cream that would keep it intact and give you a SPF protection as well. You should use translucent powder for certain as it would help you soak the perspiration.

Skin hacks

monsoon skin care hacks and tips
Do not expose your skin to the humid weather outside. It is better to use a SPF 30 at least and move out as though the sun is not directly hampering you but its rays can still make their way to your skin through the clouds. So it is better to be safe than sorry.

Lipstick and liner hacks

Go for brighter color options as there is nothing better than a bright color combination on your skin and eyes as the weather tends to take away the sheen off your face. So it is better to go shiny this way. Also, do not use glossy stuff as it might cause an embarrassment if you get wet. Go for cream based eye shadows for best play.

During childhood, I still remember how I used to play in the rain and get wet rather find reasons to get wet. Even today, the feel of the rain makes me go out and forget everything else. Enjoy the weather!!

Much Love, Anamika



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