Monsoon Makeup Tips


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Monsoons have more or less arrived in the South of India and it is a matter of time before the official ” rainy season” starts in Mumbai! So what is a makeup loving gal to do when it is raining? One can’t stop wearing makeup just because it is pouring outside! With monsoon, comes humid and wet weather which in turn leads to clogged pores and acne ,if one is-not careful!

monsoon makeup tips

Skin care and staying healthy:

First and foremost, skin care becomes more important in the rains than any other time, especially if you have acne prone, oily skin.Its important to let skin breathe and keep it clean at all times. Drink lots of water and have the fruits that are available in this season. The quality of fruits of vegetables declines at this time so make sure you are regular with your multivitamin supplements as monsoon is when everyone falls sick!


Makeup should be applied intelligently in the rains! Skip the liquid foundation and use only powder or cream based foundations as they will survive a shower of two. Powder is also easy to touch up as opposed to liquids and doesn’t cause an ugly patchy effect, should you be caught in the rain! You don’t want streaks of foundation running down your face right?

The mantra for monsoon makeup is waterproof waterproof waterproof! It is a no brainier that eyeliner and mascara must be waterproof unless you want to scare people on the streets. Skip the elaborate eye makeup and stick to cream shadows like Color Tattoos.  Gel eyeliners work best in the rains

So you don’t want to step out without a blush? By all means wear blush, but layer a powder blush over a cream blush so that the colour on your cheeks lasts longer in the humid, wet weather. I would strongly suggest one skip a highlighter as skin tends to get oily and the highlighter will just make you look like a grease ball!

Lip colour is where you can play with your makeup as lipstick is not going to run amok at the first sign of a monsoon shower! A nice coral or a pink  lippie or gloss will brighten the dull grey days and put a spring in your step!

Remove Makeup:

I have always believed that the most important part of makeup is removing it well. And more so in humid weather as pores get clogged up and one is prone to acne and blackheads. Remove your makeup well , look after your skin and then add a pop of colour to the skin to brighten up dull days!

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    • we waiting for monsoon eagerly, though some rain di come, but in this extremely hot humid weather its not enuf at all.

  1. With your article I am all set for Monsoon.. great write up shweta.. :yes: 😀

    I even did some flip flop monsoon wear shopping yesterday :tap-dance:


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