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Hi girls

Monsoon shopping fests are all over and i am sure you must be visiting at least a few. For my part,i did set foot into few places and i could easily say this has been the best season i ever had . When i went through the Westside sms about a upto a 60% off sale ,i brushed it aside . I hate the “upto” hanging before the %age. Its plain torture to wander around a store in sale season and keep hunting for stuff which is 50% or 60%.

yellow stilettos in Hyderabad


If i did find any either it would be for my never-born-baby-boy ( am unmarried ๐Ÿ™‚ ) or for my ungained weight ! Lure me with 50% and throw me a paltry 10% ?ร‚ย  But,this year was a welcome distraction. Last sunday was raining. i decided on a long drive but swerved towards Westside on an impulse. It indeed was mayhem with girls and women dragging pieces off the racks and display units. I found tees for as low as 5/-. Not believing the tag price i hailed upon the SA and she confirmed with a firm ‘yes ‘ and gave me a single word answer ” Enjoy “.

Green Stilettos


Music to ears. I filled my bag with tees,tops,shirts-whatever adorns the top :)ร‚ย  I bought a few for 50/-. Few more for 5/- and few more for 100/-. I heard a mum say to her daughter about a 200/- tee ” too much” !! I couldn’t help but laugh. My real steals in that sale were not the tees but a skirt of 1200 which i bought for a paltry 200/- and a pink blouse of 500ร‚ย  to go with it for a miniscule 100/-. i posted few pics of tees below.ร‚ย  TBS sale was on today. But nothing that interested me.Waste of parking 20 bucks. Could have bought a basic ice cream at Mc D’s for that HUGE amount . :))

blue flat stilettos in Hyderabad


Lifestyle sale upto 50% off began this week. I was looking for casual wear . Bought the below.

Copper gladiators of 990 /- for 750/-

Brown gladiators of 800/- for 400/-

Brown low heels of 1300/- for 800/-

Blue flats of 1200/- for 600/-

Green-brown flats of 1000/- for 600/-

Yellow shoes of 1000/- for 600/-

Though the yellow shoes looked out-of-vogue i simply loved the yellow on my feet. its just such yellow yellow :). The copper gladiators make my feet look like they are the biggest in human history.

Copper Flats in Hyderabad/Copper flat shoes in hyderabad

Still,I loved the encompassing it offers. The blue flats are such a easy thing on feet.Felt like i wrapped myself in satin. The green brown flats is something i doubt now. they hurt feet and i think i will exchange for another pair :). The pair with stones and ornate work looked like jewellery on feet. Would go good on traditional grand dresses.ร‚ย  Buying garments in a sale especially when you want to try it on is such a tedious process . Take few minutes to pick garment and stand in queue at trial room for 20 minutes.And when am allowed only 5 pieces i just want to strangle the assistant who counts the garments . Not now we yell but nobody’s listening.

Brown gladiators

I found a pink sleeveless anarkali-style top from Biba @ 30% off for 560/- ( MRp 800) and a tee at 50% off for 150/-( MRp 300). I was running late for evening tuition and had to rush away. Will visit Monday again.


Brown low heels chappals in Hyderabad


It will be a madhouse tomorrow ( sunday). Go hurry ! You might find something you always wanted to buy if only it was for less. Happy shopping !

Few More Pictures from my shopping ๐Ÿ™‚

Biba Tops at 50%

Whole Sale Biba top

West Side Tees


Westside Tees sale

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    • yea. my bag was full of shoe boxes. i got weird looks at pay counter…like what the hell….why you want all those ๐Ÿ˜›

      • i kno…if every1 had known they wud have raised westside…waise a friend of mine had tld me once that once a month westside has this distress sale in the mornings furing weekdays for 3-4 this time u do gt tees for 5-50-100 bucks…she only managed t get them once…

        main thing is that its not advertised…its all luck..

    • i don’t understand the logic behind 5 /- tees. but i bought ’em and they are of good quality. really good. like the ones we normally buy

  1. hey awesome shoes … :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* loved all of them and now will try to do a shoe haul :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: Zara also posted her’s long time back …. me toh no hauls yaar :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:

    • Lifestyle is still on. i guess for a week. Terrible crowd yesterday. i went early at 11 yesterday and when i was leaving it took 30 minutes to get my car out of the corner ๐Ÿ™‚


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