Monsoon Skin Care


Hi Ladies,

Monsoons are sure a time to rejoice and relive your childhood, drenching in rain, relishing pakodas and enjoying every bit of it except the traffic fiascos of course 😛

But amidst all this, what you should not forget is your skin care. With the weather that goes humid with each bout of rain, you are bound to feel some impact on your skin but only till the time you do not follow a strict regime for your skin. If you follow it strictly, you can sure be free to enjoy yourself without any tension.

These are simple steps for your regular practice which will keep your skin clean and make you appear younger and fresher, however humid the weather may get.


Washing face

Irrespective of the weather, this is needed for your skin. In monsoons, specifically this will result in making your skin free of the dirt outside. Always ensure to cleanse your face using a mild and suitable cleanser.


The next step to cleansing is toning which we often let go of. Always ensure to tone your skin as it is responsible to retain the pH balance of your skin. Monsoons add an all the more reason to tone your skin as it is exposed to extremely humid atmosphere all day.


olay whire radiance day moisturizer and serum
Another step which is like a necessity for any season is moisturizing. Summers and winters have their own reasons to make your skin feel the need for moisturizing, monsoons also ensure that this is a necessary step for a healthy flake free skin.


Sunscreen might seem not required to some people but let me advise you to use it as it is required to protect your skin from the UV Rays which can tear apart the clouds to reach your skin.


It is a must too. Exfoliation cannot be ignored as monsoons invite a lot of dead skin cells. Like plants renew themselves in monsoons, it is also necessary for your skin cells to renew as well.

Drink Water

drinking water
Another important and often ignored step is drinking water. One should drink ample water in monsoons as well to ensure the skin stays hydrated.

Eat lots of fruits and veggies

Fruit and vegetables
Do not ignore your diet at all. It is good to retain the skin and body health during monsoons to ensure that your body overall does not lose its health. It also helps to retain the glow of your face and skin.

Home Made face treatments

Do use them during the season, we have shared a lot of packs with you which are easy to prepare and use. They would help prevent impurities reaching your skin.

Restrict Makeup to minimal

minimal makeup
It is good to give your skin a break from makeup and monsoons are the righteous time to do so as the rain anyways can wash off your makeup or ruin it by washing it away so it is better to refrain from using heavier makeup.

Hope you agree to these tips and like the post. We always ensure that with each post we share a good bout of knowledge with you. However any discussion is incomplete without yoru feedbacks. So, please do share your reviews and make us confident about our approach and reachability. Also if you have anything to add to this list please do share.



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