Monsoon Wisdom For Your Skin And Hair


Hello Ladies

Since the monsoons are still on I thought I would do a post on basic skin and hair care during this season… I know a lot of you out there must be working women and managing your hair and skin along with the house, husband and kids is no easy task.  Well, fret not!  Remember some of these tips and you will be good to go.

Heavy make-up in humid weather is never a good idea.  Light and sheer is the way to go.

  • Waterproof mascara and liners, creamy eye shadow and transfer-resistant lipsticks work best
  • Wash your face with an oil-balance face wash and rub an ice cube over it for 5 -10 minutes to reduce sweating so that make-up stays on longer.
  • Women with oily skin should use a mild astringent; those with dry to normal skin can use a toner after the ice to cool and refresh the skin.
  • Avoid foundation; use light powder instead.
  • A sheer film of light brown, pastel or pink creamy eye shadow can be used along with a thin line of eyeliner.
  • Use a single coat of waterproof mascara if you must.
  • Soft matte lipsticks applied with a lipliner are contained better than glossy, liquid lipsticks


Moisturising in the rains is important!

  • If you spend a lot of time outdoors, the constant  wetting and drying of skin can rob dry skin of essential moisture and have an over hydrating effect on oily skin.  To combat this use a mild soap and follow up with an oil moisturiser for dry skin and water based moisturiser for oily skin.
  • For a quick pick-me-up: Grate a cucumber and add a little milk to it.  Lie down and apply it to the face.   Leave it on for 10 minutes.  This will cleanse, soothe and also act as an astringent on your skin.  This will also refresh and tone your skin.

monsoon wisdom+hair care in the rains

Hair Care during this season:

  • Humidity: The best protection is to keep your hair sparkling clean; shampoo as often as you like but use a mild product
  • Beat Dandruff:  Apply and leave white vinegar on the scalp for at least 20 minutes prior to a bath and shampoo well.
  • Hair Loss:  A mixture of coconut milk and lemon juice helps prevent hair-loss; while dahi, eggs and lemon juice rubbed into the scalp accelerate hair growth.
  • Short hair:  Beat the frizz by applying a serum after you wash your hair.  Else simply rub a drop or two of olive oil over it.

Do have any monsoon wisdom to share?

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