Mont Blanc Femme Individuelle Soul And Senses Perfume Review


I find Mont black perfume and body lotions irresistible and few months back when I saw the special edition of Mont Blanc perfume  I couldn’t resist and ask me hubby to buy it for me.It has this very sweet  and delightful fragrance which makes me fall in love with again and again.

mont blanc femme individuelle soul perfume Review

Price I don’t remember the exact price of this but I think  it was around  Rs 3000 for 75ml.It comes in 50ml size as which is near about of INR 2000 plus


femme individuelle soul perfume by mont blanc review

Out of the few perfumes which I own this one is  my favorite and the reason obviously is the fragrance.Fragrance is mixed of sweet vanila and musk which is long staying .This is the only perfume in my stash  whose fragrance stays for 4-5 hours easily.


femme individuelle soul perfume by Mont blank price


It comes a in a  box packaging which can be an ideal gift for any one or gifting to your own self.:P  It is alcohol free and doesn’t stain my clothes albeit I make sure I avoid any contact of the perfume with my jewelery or clothes.

I like the the sturdy transparent bottle and the soft brown color of the perfume.Fragrance is not strong and  is purely feminine and one doesn’t need to spray much of  it and  this is the only reason I still have more than half of the perfume left in the bottle.

I would love to buy it again errr..  well  not buy it again but prefer it as a gift from my hubby in different fragrance probably.

Wise She Rating – 4/5


What’s our favorite perfume??


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  1. Nicee! Incidentally, I’m on the hunt for a gud perfume..I use UCBs Hot and M tired of the spicy scent..want to try out something different… 🙂

    But Boy O Boy! the price of this is pretty hefty..Gud ur hubby got it..I’ll have to do the same I guess..Any more perfume suggestions ?

    • price is hefty but i think it is worth every is one of my priced pocession which i flaunt most of the time :P:P
      u know smelling different 😉

      i like Jlo and britney spears too ..they seriously last long and many times my friends have asked me why i smell so good :D:D

      • Cool! They last that long?? I cant wait t try them out.. and furthermore..Cant wait for my salary to come!! 😉 😉

  2. 5 days to goo :D:D
    yes they do ..even J lo lasts long and then they r available in small sizes as well albeit it is better to pick the larger one ..i wonder how good some of the more higher brands will be…

    God make me riiiich :D:D :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$

  3. Haha! I pray for the same thing everyday ya..I iwsh I’d win a lottery..Just imagine the make up and perfumes we’d pick up! BLiss!!!

  4. anamika…nice review……i shud check it out but is it available in shoppers stop or lifestyle…?
    eka baat batao anamika… u think the perfumes at shoppersstop and lifestyle are spurious…..???i think so….coz the perfumes i got from my foren relatives they last pretty long on me…and they dont evaporate that fast also….but wen i purchased the same perfume from shoppers stop… was like …hellish….it evaporated really fast and the fragrance didnt last that long.this i m talking about ricci ricci perfume by nina ricci…whats ur take on this…..????

    • mm i think they r genuine one shilpa ..may be the brand which u used might be problamatic otherwise my friend has gifted me lot many perfumes from abroad which cost less there and here they r highly priced but work fine with me..more of a brand issue..

      i don remember where i got it from but for sure in one of the showrooms of Lifestyle or shopper stop 😀

  5. zara and anamika… punjab bumper lottery……first prize 2 crore rupees….then split the mone in half….and spend…on mac gurlains channels,mufes…..and do huge huge give aways….. 😛 😀


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