Montagne Jeunesse Face Pack Rosa de Amor Review


Montagne Jeunesse Face Pack Rosa de Amor

The sucker for roses is back with a pack! And this time its from Montagne Jeunesse, one of the brands she is currently in love with. After a recent haul, she was in possession of two such packs, one strawberry and one rose, and guess which one she opened first?

Of course the rose!

Dear readers, don’t you know that this reviewer is obsessed with roses and wants to drink rose syrup all through summer?

Montagne Jeunesse Face Pack Rosa de Amor Review+facial mask

That was too much information right there!

Price: 150/-

Like all other Montagne Jeunesse pack, this one came in a thin plastic pouch, and the product inside is enough for 2-3 applications. The outside of the package has handy dandy pictorial instructions on application which even those who cannot read English can follow. The reviewer eagerly checked the package and realized that it contained shea butter and cocoa butter as well as marulaoil, although what exactly they do she had no clue. She is slightly dumb that way. So, she opened the pack up and was enveloped with a divine smell of roses which was enough for her to justify the purchase.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Pack Rosa de Amor Review Usage+best face masks

She smoothed on the pack after washing her face. The cream colored pack glided on like butter, and on application, her skin tingled slightly. She took that as a good sign and went to sleep for half an hour.

After that, she washed her face, and felt that her skin looked… well… well fed.

She liked the effect. She also liked the lingering smell of roses.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Pack Rosa de Amor Review Details+facemasks

There was a clean look about her face, and a subtle glow that lasted her 2-3 days, and her skin did not get dehydrated after the mask was removed. She was pretty happy about the product, and used it weekly for three weeks, meanwhile sending a sneaky repurchase order to the site she had originally ordered it from. This time there were more than one of the same.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Pack Rosa de Amor Review hand Swatch+face mask

What I like about Montagne Jeunesse Face Pack Rosa de Amor:-

  • Lovely smell
  • Creamy and hydrating
  • Gives skin a subtle glow
  • Very relaxing

What I don’t like about Montagne Jeunesse Face Pack Rosa de Amor:-

  • People who do not like smell of roses might get turned off
  • Storing is a problem

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: Of course the reviewer will repurchase this. She is biased!

Have you tried Montagne Jeunesse Face Pack Rosa de Amor?

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  1. Rose face pack :-)) Wow :yes: i need to use this one :-)) , I love the rose fragrance :inlove: :rose:
    btw :-/ who is the reviewer Chandni ?:-) 😉

  2. I am so fond of facepacks. I will definitely try this one 🙂
    Looking for some thanda thanda in such cruel summers !

  3. U n ur rose-scented stuff Poori! :laugh: Love ur review as always 🙂 Maybe i shud call u Rosey. Umm…does that sound like a very cheesy name?? ?:-)

  4. I saw this 2 days back at NewU, was apprehensive if to buy or not, thanks for the review, now I will. I likes these thick muddy packs. 😀

  5. I loved using it, i like rose fragrance, but this one was veryyy strong one, and i felt quantity was pretty less for 150 bucks

  6. I like thwse packs..i used 2 last yr…bt nt this one since m nt a huge rose fan…butbyea..this brand is awesome fr packs…quality isbsuper n light on d pocket!

  7. The way u have described it is so gud poorna

    I just used last week lime n ginger peel off from m.j. I was happy that it cleared my skin of the summer oil and i have passion pomegrante peel off which i am planning to try next week
    so many variations of packs n peels of this brand available here at dubai


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