Morgana’s Cryptoria Witches Brew’ Lip gloss Review And Swatches


Morgana’s Crypt (formerly known as Morgana Cryptoria) is one of my favourite online stores for lip products – they’re always pigmented, long lasting and not too expensive. Plus, the owner makes some of the most weird and wonderful lip colours out there and every time I order, I make sure to throw in a lippie or two that is out of my comfort zone, just to give it a try and on my last order this was a lip gloss called Witches Brew.

 Morgana's Crypt Witches Brew' Lip gloss+gloss lip gloss


Here are the details of this gloss:

The colour – Witches brew is a deep wine shade with multi coloured shimmer. It’s a shade that looks spectacular on my skin tone – dark and vampy-ish, without being overwhelming.

Morgana’s Crypt Witches Brew’ Lip gloss Swatches:-


Morgana's Crypt Witches Brew' Lip gloss hand swatch+lip color

left – two swipes, right – one swipe

The packaging – The gloss comes in a 10g tube with a doe foot applicator. There’s a clear plastic label, but I’m not a big fan – it isn’t very clear and it peels of pretty easily.

The price – I think the gloss cost about $10. Plus, I had to pay shipping from US to France.


Morgana's Crypt Witches Brew' Lip gloss brush+lip gloss


And what do I think about this gloss? I really like it. The quantity is super generous and should last for ages. It is also very pigmented and the shimmer doesn’t migrate. Witches Brew lasts pretty long too, 4-5 hours, although it needs to be reapplied after meals. And of course, I love the colour – unsual, but not ridiculous and dark but not too dark. I’ve been complimented on it very often!

Morgana’s Crypt Witches Brew’ Lip gloss Cons:-


There are some cons though, which often occur when international shipping is involved – Morgana has a $15 minimum so I can never buy just one lippie, plus I have to pay shipping as well. Not to mention that when you buy lippies online, there is no way of trying them beforehand, so you’re always taking a gamble. There are a lot of beauty bloggers who love and review Morgana’s lippies though, so you can always search the internet to find swatches of their lip colours.

Overall, I love this gloss and I highly recommend that all the lippie lovers here check Morgana’s Crypt and their fabulous lip products involved. The shipping costs and shopping minimum are annoying, but the lip products make up for it!


 Have you tried Morgana’s Crypt Witches Brew’ Lip gloss?

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