Morning Essentials For Working Women


Morning essentials for working women

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I am sure most of us are working today and we are keen on learning a few hacks that could save us time and make our lives simple. I am here today with a post that would help you win over some essential needs that you could save time upon.

Working women have problem children, is an old debate. I need not dwell into the issues we face if we are working mothers. We have to arrange for the entire day if our children go to schools or day cares or both. We have to arrange for their meals, our meals, our spouses and with it have to plan the entire week so that no day is hassled. For this, obviously needed is a meticulous planning, a chalked out strategy.

Morning essentials for working women

Organize the outfits for the night before for you, yourself and your spouse

This helps a lot. If you decide your clothes a night in advance and keep it ready, you will save at least 15 minutes of your time. Plus there would be scope of repairs and other things as and when required. This actually helps a lot in preventing those last minute mishaps. Do organize your socks, shoes and other accessories also.

Arrange for your meals in advance as well

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Do not leave your meals for the morning time. I mean to say, you should not leave anything required for the morning hours as it adds to problems. While if you arrange it a day before, you do it right and it saves you a million seconds, believe me!

Packing the lunch is easier if it gets prepared in time for which it is necessary that all its prerequisites are well taken care of.

Invest in right tools and equipment that can save you time

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After all what you earn for? You should have your convenience at par with your needs to make to office in time oven, toaster, coffee maker etc. what all is required should be readily available to you.

Eat right for the amount of energy required


Eat cornflakes, fruits, juices, milk etc. whatever you can grab after the time left to you for yourself. But do make it a point to have a good meal before you start for your work as it keeps you going with the necessary energy as required. We, including me myself often skip our meals and think about a lavish breakfast once we reach our work place but it seldom happens. I am sure you would agree, if we do not eat right in the morning, we feel tired all day. So plan it just right. If you cannot cook in the morning, grab enough fruits which you can have on your way.

You need to dress up right before you move out

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It is a common practice that we women ignore our dressing up and leave it to our touch up session at work. This is very wrong since it should be your pride to be a working woman like we used to dream to be while we were studying! Now that we have to live it, we ignore it. Well, I would suggest you to think about the time you were studying and dreaming about dressing up for office every day. Live your dream girls! Keep your necessary makeup things easily accessible and dress up like you wanted. The time you save above can be easily used here to do your makeup right.

I am sure you would agree that these are a few essentials you can definitely simplify your life with. Have more to add? Comment below!



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