Moroccan Argan Oil For Hair Review


I am kind of obsessed with my hair .I have this urge to buy /try any hair care product which is from the premium or professional range and I have been wanting to try this Moroccan argan hair oil since long. Availability of the product is a big problem but long back skin miracle asked me to try that out .

I have tested this oil on my recent overly dry  and coloured hair which I have been washing and blow drying straight away. I know I know its the worst thing I can do 🙁 but I have an excuse here. I am mom of a three and half month old who gives me just too little time to try out what all I want. Thankfully, by God’s grace, I am born in India where help is available otherwise I think it wouldn’t have been possible to even take bath every day with the baby. lolz.

Coming over to Moroccan Argan Hair oil – Firstly this oil is specifically meant for hair only. I am also using  Argan oil for skin too and I am just too impressed with the way that oil works.

It is said that Moroccan argan oil helps hair which are dry and brittle and have been damaged from natural elements such as sun and wind. By applying just a small amount of Moroccan argan oil to the hair it becomes smooth and shiny, healthy and strong.


Price – I am not too sure as I couldn’t locate it on skin miracle website. Come on an online shopping website at least should have a search box .*So damn irritated wasted half an hour on this only*. I think it should be around INR 650 for 50 ml.


argan oil reviews hair+argan oil benefits for hair


How I use Moroccan Argan Oil For Hair :-

As I use lot many products after shampooing and conditioning my hair such as hair serum , frizz control products etc., I prefer to use the oil before washing my hair. I gently massage the hair and rub the oil on the scalp and sometime wrap the head with a hot piece of cloth or towel. After which I thoroughly wash my hair .

One can also use argan oil after shampooing like a leave in conditioner.Although this kind of trick has never worked for me or may be I don’t know how to do that properly.




Argan Oil Benefits :-

Below are some benefits of Argan oil while Googling online and which made me desperate to try that oil out.


  • Naturally hydrates hair.
  • Stops roughness of hair and enhance the elasticity of hair.
  • Good for uncontrollable and unmanageable hair.
  • Presence of vitamin E in Argan oil makes it a tremendous agent for hair treatment.
  • Presence of vitamin E in Argan oil is very useful in restoring the natural hair and renewing and repairing the damage caused by destructive agents.
  • Restore the lustre and shine of the hair.
  • Helps coloured brittle hair  and it is believed that it heals and restores the damaged, dry and weak hair.
  • It has rich content of unsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 9 which is a direct source of essential nutritional components of hair pores and roots.


ARGAN OIL BENEFITS HOW TO USE+argan oil benefits how to use


My experience with Moroccan Argan Oil For Hair:-

I must say that my hair have been behaving nicely since the time I have started using argan oil. I some time skip conditioner also although I hate doing that but if I am in lot of rush I do that and take a hair conditioner bath next day.Oil has helped me in controlling the damage which I have recently done to my hair and imparted smoothness .You know your hair are smooth when your hand automatically start feeling your hair   again and again :D.


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As my hair are long and product is costly I sometime mix the oil with olive oil and  I give myself a good hair massage.It certainly restores my damaged and dry hair which are prone to lot of artificial heat.

I don’t know how the oil will work for oily and greasy hair but for dry and thick hair its definitely is an amazing thing and its not an oil which will make you feel utterly greasy or heavy .Fragrance of the oil is not too great but its bearable for me.

As far as hair growth is concerned I think for that I can only say after continuously using it for six month or so.I will update the space once I do that 🙂


Have you tried Moroccan Argan Oil For Hair ?


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  1. I love argan oil! I use a pure version on my face and the popular Moroccan Oil brand one as a styling product for my hair (because it’s not actually pure oil – it’s mixed with a lot of silicones to help smooth & condition the hair). This one is much more reasonable than the Moroccan Oil brand in terms of price – is it available for direct purchase in India, or does it have to be shipped?

  2. Hey Anamika!!
    I have a combo hair type of oily scalp and dry length.. Should i try using it just throughout my hair length??
    Currently I am using olive oil alone, which is good enough but just thinking of giving argan oil a try..

  3. i have oily scalp and dry ends… n i absolutely hate oiling my hair.. so seems like a good product.. where can i get dis ?there r shops which stock itt in mumbai but im a lil worried about authenticity

  4. Shudder at the price…how the skin oil? work on my skin?

    well my vichy bio-white med is tripply expensive so i dont mind using an oil with minimal contents…

  5. hey great review… where did u get it?? i checked biowhiteing.. but thats listed only for skin 😕 so im confused…please help 🙁


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