Most Common Bronzing Mistakes & Quick Fixes


Most Common Bronzing Mistakes & Quick Fixes

Bronzers not only elevate the natural looks but also give the perfect definition to your facial features which sometimes just cannot come out naturally with an opaque base of foundation. If you are too pale looking then bronzer can probably accentuate more on your facial features and make you look more natural and less made-up!

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Bronzing strategy is somewhat an art which you need to master by doing it again and again. Well, I won’t advice to experiment with your bronzing skills while you are off to a special event or party. Let it be a casual affair and see for yourself first at home. And then when you get better, you can take it to the next level and stun everyone with your improvised looks!

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Well, before mastering the bronzing game, there are some flaws which go unnoticed by most makeup enthusiasts in mastering the art of bronzing. So here are some expert common bronzing mistakes which you can totally avoid and become a pro at bronzing!

Bronzing all over the face-

This is certainly where you are lacking. You probably are not aware of the basic that bronzing is done on the hollows of the face to give it a more defined and chiseled look. For the sun kissed natural look, bronzer application should be precisely targeted to the special areas  of the face and not all over.

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For the best natural look, take an angular blush brush and swipe the bronzer on the cheekbones. Apply on either sides of the nose bridge length-wise, on the temple area and the center of the chin area precisely. Blend everything well on the area specific and let no streak lines be visible!

Choosing an extra-dark or extra-light shade of bronzer-

It is always advised to choose a shade darker than your actual skin tone for the perfect and well defined features. For those who are pale, an orange based blush or bronzer works really well in in giving the natural glowy sun kissed look!


If you happen to be a dusky beauty then you are blessed as major bronzers available in stores will suit you and bring out the most natural looking bronzed glow!

Only Bronzing-

Well, makeup is a concise effort. Only bronzing won’t do the magic. Remember you apply a lip liner along with a lipstick. An eye shadow along with an eyeliner. So only bronzing would make you face look plain. It will look odd if you do not pair it with an apt highlighter to balance out the hollows and highlighted areas of the face!

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Using only powder bronzers-

Well, to be upgraded about the latest makeup launches is the best advice for those who think that there is only one kind of bronzer available in stores i.e. Bronzing Powder. So, that means beauties with dry skin may not enjoy the luxury to use a bronzer.  Since a powder base would just make their skin even more flaky. No! There are bronzing liquid or foundations also available in various brand which can be ideally used on different skin types for a natural looking bronzed look! 🙂

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Excessive shimmer along with bronzer-

A matte bronzer is fine but if you wish to get the glow get a shimmer bronzer. It is the best bet especially for those who have dark skin tone. But you should not go over board with such highlighting shimmers.  As that may just make you look oily and shiny after few hours of application. If you have a shimmer based bronzer, use it mainly on the hollows of the cheeks and skip the rest areas. Use a highlighter and blend suitably for a much pretty glowy look!

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So, these were some of the basic bronzer tricks which you need to know as a newbie to the bronzing addiction! Once you master it, there is no way you are going to step out sans a bronzer! 🙂

Have you tried any of these bronzer application hacks?

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