Ayurvedic Solutions to Prevent Dengue and Chikungunya


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We are all not unaware of the spreading chikungunya and dengue epidemic specially in Delhi NCR. We should do everything possible to save ourselves and our loved ones from this disease. I am here today to do my bit in trying to help and share a few solutions that could help us prevent the disease.


It is a very important herb which can prevent dengue and chikungunya if consumed regularly. It actually helps in providing the metabolic strength to the body by improving resistance against the diseases. Boiling Giloy leaves in water and drinking as a herbal drink helps a lot. These days it is also available in tablet form manufactured and marketed by Patanjali, you can grab that also if you so please.

giloy-benefits for dengue and fever

Papaya Leaves

This is another option which you could utilize to help increase the platelets and keep the symptoms like chill, body ache and tiredness at bay. It also helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. It is recommended by good medical practitioners against dengue specifically.

benefits of papaya leaves for dengue

Fenugreek Leaves

Fenugreek or methi is a good sedative for someone actually bearing the body pain or headache due to high fever or when the fever is about to happen. It helps to sleep and kept he body at a peaceful resting position. To have this you can soak methi or methi powder in water and then have it.

methi leaves for chikungunya


Consuming turmeric with milk also works to boost metabolism apart from antiseptic qualities as it is usually considered for. You can use this to give yourself a shield against the diseases.

turmeric for fever and chikungunya dengue

Tulsi Leaves

Drinking tulsi tea or eating tulsi leaves could also help a lot when you are surrounded with dengue or chikungunya cases like it is right now. You could immediately start consuming it and including it in various things like tea, drinking water etc. as it would help you stay immune to these diseases in a better way.

tulsi leaves for dengue and chokungunya

Natural repellents

Use of natural repellents like neem oil or cinnamon oil could also help against mosquito bites. These are quite successful in turning the mosquitoes away. You could also try using other repellants that could be kept in your room like lemon and cloves. Cut the lemon into two and insert cloves into it. This keeps mosquitoes away quite well. Even herbs like garlic or lemongrass oil, peppermint, basil etc. could be really helpful here.

neem oil for dengue and chikungunya

Hope these solutions help you achieve success against the mosquitoes that have spread a near-epidemic situation in our surroundings. I really hope all of you stay safe and are able to give these diseases banter in their face with these ayurvedic and natural solutions. Other than this, please keep yourself and your kids covered wearing full clothes so that there is no scope for the mosquitoes to bite you.


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