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As usual my husband is too keen to write about his favorite thing in the world i.e Movies.In fact when we shifted to Hyderabad he made sure that there is a movie theater near our house.I wish he could have given it a more thought and looked for a good mall near by where I could buy good makeup, food products or herbal ingredients…:

anyway over to him and his review:)

Inception : A first class intellectual masterpiece!
Hi all,
Wow! Awesome! Amazing! Small words to express your feelings keep coming out as you watch this spectacular cinema from Mr. Christopher Nolan. So, for the un-acquainted, let me start with an introduction. Movies are defined by their genre and albeit the actors are rated on their diversity, the directors usually develop a signature andare noted for their excellence in that particular field. For e.g., if Barjatyas can show good Indian families well (HAHK, HSSH and Vivah), Abbas-mastan the thrillers like Baazigar, Ajnabi, Humraaz and Yash Chopras the romances (from Silsila of Amitabh to DDLJ), I must say, Christopher Nolan portrays intelligent cinema to extreme perfection – be it Prestige, Memento, Dark Knight or now Inception (thankfully, for expectations were equally high). What exactly does that mean? It means thinkingbeyond the banal, beyond the Akshay Kumar’s silly comedies, RGV action flicks and beyond the KJo/SRK senti-mushy stuff. If you’ve ever enjoyed solving a puzzle – be ita paper puzzle, a maths problem, a rubik’s cube, a mystery book or a game of chess that makes you think for the solution – or admire it, then you’ll love this movie.
The movie starts with a notion of sharing some one’s dream, and the possibility of stealing his idea, to use it for your own/some one else’s purposes. LeonardoDiCaprio is an expert in this, and is approached by a powerful businessman to this time ‘suggest’ or ‘implant’ an idea in his rival’s mind so as to destroy hisbusiness empire. The narrative clarifies the rules of the game. How you share someone’s dream, what liberties can you take with the ‘reality’ within the dream so thatthe person is not aware of it, how a minute of sleep looks like an hour in dream, if you’re hurt you feel the pain but when you die – you wake up from the dream. Youkeep small unique objects with you to identify whether presently you’re in a dream or reality, for example, a metal top will spin indefinitely in a dream but come to anatural halt in reality. By the time you understand these layout points, Caprio builds his team including his friend, a forger who can take another identity, anarchitecture student Ellen page who designs the dream for them and a chemist who’ll provide a strong and specific sedative for their job.

After this starts the beautyof plot as it goes deeper and deeper with dreams, dreams within dreams and dreams within dreams within dreams. Whew! Amidst the marvellous direction and eye-candystunts, viewers are engrossed into how the inception will occur, while also intrigued by Leonardo’s emotional problems as he keeps on meeting his dead wife in hisdreams (as a memory) and opens up the past layer by layer. This part of the movie stretches optimally so that you can absorb what’s happening in the multiple levels of dreams and how various parts of actual story are clearing up. Thus, the labyrinth finally gives way to the solution of hows and whys and culminates in a ratherexpected hollywood open-ended style.

The high points of the movie are its original premise/storyline, tight direction/narrative, good action scenes and a very solid emotional plot performed proficientlyby Leo. What I personally missed was the ‘aura’ thing of the ‘Joker’ in Dark Knight. That’s to say, it’s more of a director’s movie and no single actor creates alarger than life character.
Like Memento and Matrix 1, when the movie is over, you’ll feel like not-fully-understanding some of what actually happened and want to watch the movie again. On apersonal note, I watched it in Prasads(Hyd, India) without an interval and when you come out of the hall, they’ve this giant tilted mirror on the ceiling – which gavea perfect feeling of being in a dream still – we actually tried to spin a coin to do the reality check! I’d give 4.5 out of 5 for this masterpiece, more so with joythat atleast some directors have not ‘lost it’, unlike the RGVs and ManiRatnams (read Satya-to-Aag and Bombay-to-Raavan respectively) of Indian Cinema.
Enjoy it in a good cinema hall with a large pop-corn. You’ll cherish these 148 minutes for sure!
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  1. This is undoubtedly the best movie I have seen in a very very long time and it was simply wow!!! It is the best of Nolan.


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