3 MTV MUAH Eye Shadows – 01, 04, 06 Review & Swatches


By Vagmita Parashar

3 MTV MUAH Eye Shadows – 01, 04, 06

Ola! to all beautiful ladies there… I hope you are wearing your best make-up on, that is, your smile.. πŸ™‚

This is my first post on WiseShe and I hope you like it. I’m an Indian fair tone person, with combination to oily skin. This time the product I’m reviewing is great on all skin types – MTV Muah Eyeshadow by Blue heaven.

Mark my words, this product is unsung hero of Indian Make-up brands. Since teenage, brand name Blue heaven doesn’t have quality mark in my mind as the products were quite cheap. I guess, their collaboration with MTV has changed things. There is entire range of Lipsticks, Lipgloss, Eyeshadow, Eye-Liner, Mascara and more and they are pocket friendly. yayyy!!!

I will be reviewing three of their Eyeshadows – Two from ‘PUNK’ range and one from ‘DAZZLE’. Here they are –


MTV MUAH Eye Shadows


Price – INR 79 each

My experience with MTV MUAH Eye Shadows (Dazzle & Punk Range):

Packaging – Each Eye-shadow is in single plastic tub with clear top which makes it easy to select colour without opening the product. Packaging is quite sturdy and impressive. Really, they seem to have worked on it very well. Since each Eye-shadow is independent, it’s easy to carry one or two with you whichever you like. It also comes with a tiny Eye-Shadow swatch brush, which I don’t think is of much use.


MTV MUAH Eye Shadows - Dazzle & Punk Range


Smell & Texture – It has very fresh flowery smell which reminds me of Rose scented talc of my childhood days. It’s very soft to touch and had powdery texture.

Size – They don’t have size or amount of product written as such, but amount is pretty good. It will definitely last me longer than 6 months, if I use it thrice a week or so.

Let’s start with the product swatches and their color intensity.

Mtv Muah Dazzle Eye Shadow 01 – This is beautiful shimmer copper shade with hint of gold to it. It’s very intense from single swatch and will look good for evening party make-up.


Mtv Muah Dazzle Eye Shadow 01


Mtv Muah PUNK Eye Shadow 04 – This is on warm pink side which can be intensifying towards red tone too. It has distinct gold shimmer particles, which makes it appropriate for evening.


Mtv Muah PUNK Eye Shadow 04


Mtv Muah PUNK Eye Shadow 06 – This is dark purple with silver shimmer. It can be best used for crease color or for smokey eye look.


Mtv Muah PUNK Eye Shadow 06


The difference I observed among PUNK and DAZZLE range is that DAZZLE has better pigmentation and more staying power. What one swatch of DAZZLE does, PUNK require 2-3 swatches or can be intensify when used wet.

What I like about MTV MUAH Eye Shadows (Dazzle & Punk Range):

  • Quite Cheap.
  • Ample amount of product.
  • Since they are shimmery, single color itself provides definition to eye make-up, which cannot be done using matte.
  • Smells really good, no chemical smell. Although it vanishes fast.
  • Good lasting power. Atleast for the DAZZLE range.
  • Nice packaging. At first look it seems to be high end product. πŸ˜›
  • Color selection is good, as they have most preferred color range. You don’t have to think much on the color as whichever you buy, will definitely go with some or other of your evening outfit.
  • They do have manufacture date marked on it, which makes you comfortable of the fact that you know how long you can use it.

What I like about MTV MUAH Eye Shadows (Dazzle & Punk Range):

  • It doesn’t have list of ingredients used.
  • Color shades don’t have any names, they just have numbers.
  • There are only 9 shades and most of them are not all time available at drugstores so you need to order online for your favorite shade.
  • Brush which is accompanied with product is of no use.
  • You may have to use eye primer for the PUNK range to stay long.

Product Rating: 4.7/5

Final Verdict: These are huge hit because of their price and colour intensity. Colour range is good and compliments all skin tones. if you are getting started, make sure that you get DAZZLE range and you will not get disappointed. Great Product!!!

Have you tried MTV MUAH Eye Shadows (Dazzle & Punk Range)?

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