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MUA Blushes

It’s Saturday and I am not having a good one and the reason is that my baby care taker and house maid both are on leave.They went on Friday and I was clueless where to start from. Nevertheless, Zee made me realise what a winner I am  by still going to the gym aahemm! Credit goes to K who offered help and took care of my baby for two hours.

In the middle of the chaos I managed to take out time to click some of the MUA goodies which arrived in a big big parcel.Most of these blushes are ofcourse of Zee. I know you people won’t be surprised to know that. She will be doing detailed reviews of these soon before that we will let you enjoy the beauties with swatch pictures.

MUA Cream blusher are of £2.00 where as the powdered one are of £1.00 and on top of it we got them in 35% discount. I think we almost got them for free.

MUA Cream blusher & powder blusher swatches

About MUA Cream and Powder Blushes:-


Part of our amazing £1 line, our blushers come in six shades. They range from pink and coral to deeper plums and natural nudes so you’ll definitely find one that suits you the most! Although to be honest with you, at £1 there’s no reason why you shouldn’t own all six! Just simply sweep across the apples of the cheek and up to the brow bone to create a soft yet beautiful contour. Gorge!

Both cream and powder blusher are rectangular in shape with a transparent lid. Cream blusher are 3.2gm in quantity where as powder blushes are of 2.gm. Because of the quantity cream blusher are little longer than the powder one.

Also the biggest difference is that the powder blushes have been  numbered where as cream blushes have names.

MUA Cream blushes & Powder blushes

Swatches of MUA Blush(From Left To Right)

MUA blush dolly(Cream) ,blush shade 4(Powder),MUA blush yummy swatches(Cream)

MUA blush dolly +blush shade 4+MUA blush yummy swatches

I thankfully tagged it in the below picture

Butter sweet(Cream), Shade 5(Powder), Shade 2(Powder)


MUA cream blush bitter sweet +powder blush shade 5 +shade 2

My first impression with these blushes  was that they are sheer and I had to swipe them 2-3 times to get the swatch pigmentation right.Most of them are blue toned .In the above pictures I think only shade 2 and cream  blush yummy will suit me the most.

Detail review will follow soon.:)

Have you tried MUA Blush swatches?


  1. Awwww Ana I am waiting for this Review Dear :-* :-* LOved all the shades but no idea which one suits for me…. 😕 😕 tell me dear me planning to buy :beauty: :beauty: :beauty:

  2. Wow tats a lot of blushes…Zara never gets tired of them na 🙂 I have a horrible time when the maid is on leave…your hubby is so nice to help you though

  3. Personally, I don’t like any of MUA cosmetics except a countable few. The packaging is always nice and neat. But apart from that, the quality is ugh!… The blushes are the worst.
    What do you like about them! seriously… I would really wanna know in your review. I think is since MUA is reasonably priced, it’s good for beginners. What do you think guys?

    • HI MEG, Well these blushes are not my kinds because they r sheer and not suitable for my complexion but still i need to try them more to come out with a detailed review.


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