MUA Gel Eyeliner in Under Ground Review, Swatch & EOTD


MUA Gel Eyeliner in Under Ground

Hi all.

Some time back I had written about MUA Gel Liner in Tribe. That was a beautiful sparkling blue liner. And here is another shade from the same range. MUA Gel Liner in Under Ground. This is a matte black eye liner.


MUA Gel Liner Under Ground Review+best gel eyeliner


  • Package: A short stout circular transparent tub that holds the black gel liner. The twist cap has a long handle which can be opened up into a thin holed tube. This tube holds the brush. The brush handle is short if you compare it to the usual length of the handles of other eyeliners.


MUA Gel Liner Under Ground Review Packing+applying eyeliner


  • Shade: Under Ground is a black color. What  a weird  name of naming a black shade. They have their on reasons. No idea. :-P. It is matte. The much wanted sheen and darkness of the eyeliner is missing in this one. I had liked the look of Tribe a lot. But Under Ground is not as impressive as Tribe.
  • Texture: It is cream eyeliner. It glides smoothly on the upper lash line. It dries pretty soon. So, there is no spreading around and no mess too. In this way, it scores really well.


MUA Gel Eyeliner in Under Ground Swatches:-

MUA Gel Liner Under Ground Review Hand Swatch+cream eyeliner


  • Staying power: If at all you rub your hand across your eyelids, then you are in trouble. It just chips, breaks, powders itself and you are left with half and half gel liners here and there.Otherwise, it stays on easily without any fading. It stays on as long as it is washed. I guess this is because it is a dried line of cream when on the upper lash line.Removing is again very easy. It is easily washed with water and I does not leave any traces behind after being washed.


MUA Gel lliner Under ground review Eye swatch+how to apply eyeliner


Rating: 3.5/5 (Now I feel I should have rated the MUA Tribe liner 4/5. :-P. Priorities and opinions change when you begin to compare. )

Price: £3.00 ( on MUA Store), Rs.735 (on Jabong )


What I like about MUA Gel Liner in Under Ground:-


  • A creamy texture of the gel eyeliner.
  • Travel friendly package.
  • Colored liners too available in this range.
  • Stays on well as long as it is washed.
  • Dries very quickly after application.
  • Easily washed too.


What I don’t like about MUA Gel Liner in Under Ground:-


  • Chips off easily making mess around if eyes are rubbed accidentally.
  • The black shade is not highly pigmented and intense.
  • Not easily available in India.
  • Very highly priced in India (on Jabong .com)

Have you tried MUA Gel Eyeliner in Under Ground?

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    • u like pale black eyeliner!!!??? but eyeliners add beauty only if they are intense… I suggest u search for a better one…


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