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MUA Gel Eyeliner

There are so many posts on ‘blue’ on WiseShe. I just thought of contributing another blue and expand the blue collection a little more. This is a review post on MUA Gel Eyeliner Tribe.

MUA Gel Eyeliner Tribe Review+gel eyeliner

  • Package: The eyeliner comes in a tiny pot like structure. But, the closing lid is not just a flat screw cap. The upper part of the cap is very elongated stick like with a small brush that can be fixed in to it in the inverted position. (I hope I am making some sense in explaining its package…!!! Better look at the image. :-P)

MUA Gel Eyeliner Tribe Review brush storage+applying eyeliner

  • Shade: The shade is a bright poppy blue. It has a little radium color feature in it. When worn it catches all of the attention and everything else looks secondary.

MUA Gel Eyeliner Tribe Review pot+gel eyeliner reviews

  • Texture: The product is termed as Gel Eyeliner, so definitely it is a cream product. The eyeliner needs to be spread across the lash line with great care so that it does not look clumpy on the eyes. You need to act quickly in applying, else it just dries off wherever you have applied initially and just cannot be spread further. If forced on, it just breaks and flakes off. This one is definitely not for beginners. As for that cream eye liners itself are not for beginners. I have experienced so much trouble when I first used a cream eyeliner.


MUA Gel Eyeliner Tribe Swatches:-


MUA Gel Eyeliner Tribe Review hand swatch+best eyeliner

  • Staying power: One me it has stayed as long as I have washed it. If at all the eyes are touched accidentally, then there is good breaking and flaking of this eyeliner. So got to be really alert throughout when this gel eyeliner is worn.

MUA Gel Eyeliner Tribe Review EOTD+eyeliner reviews

It can be so easily washed off with water. A splash of water, some light hand scrapping along the line of eyeliner, and some more water splashing. Done, everything plain normal as before. There is no blue inky thing left behind on the skin. No cotton or tissue required for further cleansing.

Brush: The brush has a collection of bristles arranged in a flat straight line. They all a closely packed and made stiff. It is just perfect for picking up the gel product. But, every time after the brush is used, it needs to be washed; else it just not good for using next time.

MUA Gel Eyeliner Tribe Review brush+best gel eyeliner

  • Price: £3.00 ( on MUA Store), Rs.735 (on Jabong :P)

Rating: 3.5/5

What I like about MUA Gel Eyeliner Tribe:-


  • The bright shade of blue.
  • Creamy texture of the eyeliner.
  • Dries pretty fast after applying.
  • Good quakity brush.
  • Attractive packinging.
  • Travel friendly product.
  • A good product for all bright color lovers.
  • Easily removable.
  • Combines with most dark colors and looks beautiful.

What I don’t like about MUA Gel Eyeliner Tribe:

  • Needs to be spread very quickly since it dries pretty fast.
  • Breaks and flakes if touched accidentally.
  • Not a product for beginners with eyeliners.
  • Availability.

Have you tried MUA Gel Eyeliner Tribe?


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  1. Gorgeous Color! But sad that it needs to b worked with so soon…makes me think that maybe it will dry quickly in d pot too…fingers crossed..

  2. Hey thats an awesome colour. I am always confused about to how to buy these products because international shipping is a lot. Did you buy this through MUA website??

    • Yes,I did buy from MUA website..We generally share the shipping or order in lots as the price of the product is affordable.Also watch on the discount.


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