MUA Glitter Eyeliner Night Sky Review & Swatches


MUA Glitter Eyeliner Night Sky


Eyeliners are something that keeps getting added to the collection. Every eyeliner needs to be tried, this is my opinion. What say?

Today is a presentation of glitter eyeliner from MUA. The shade is named as Night Sky.


MUA Glitter Eyeliner Night Sky


The first 2 times I tried I was really impressed with how it looked. Then on, as time passed, the texture went on to become thick and a little hard to apply. 🙁

Price :£1



MUA Glitter Eyeliner Night Sky ingredients


It has multi colored glitters. These glitters are not too chunky, the right size to make it look sparkly in the tube. Just tube, :-(. This is another drawback. The applicator hardly picks up any of the glitters. And on the eyes, there is almost nothing. If you have bought it solely for the glittery look, then you are going to be disappointed.

The applicator is pointy and the handle is pretty long.


MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner


Night Sky is definitely not the comparison to this eyeliner. There are so many stars in the night sky, and this eyeliner is no match at all. The color is just a plain black, not even deep black. It looks really boring.

If at all you touch a little of your eyes then the liner is all broken and scattered around the eyes. That is another work of cleaning your eyes.

This initially nice product turned really bad. Nice only consistency wise, rest if you consider the pigmentation, glitters, staying on eyes were never ever good. But with few uses, the consistency also turned really bad, something like goopy.


MUA glitter liner Night Sky swatch


I had seen few bloggers wearing these glitter eyeliners very beautifully, and so impressed. But alas, I never feel like reaching for this eyeliner any more.

If you are looking for glittery eyeliner, then go for something else. I am yet to explore more in this regard.

Rating: 2/5


MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner eyelook

MUA Night Sky Glitter Eyeliner EOTD


What I like about MUA Glitter Eyeliner Night Sky:

  • Transparent round tube which shows glitters as very beautiful
  • Multi color glitters in the liner.
  • Very cheap price.
  • Glitters are not chunky.

What I don’t like about MUA Glitter Eyeliner Night Sky:

  • Due to its texture, the liner is not easy to apply.
  • The glitters are not well picked up by the applicator.
  • Easily gets broken and messed on the eyes if touched.

Have you tried MUA Glitter Eyeliner Night Sky ?

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