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So, I am back with one more boom and this one is totally adorable to me.


mua lip boom lipstick review


About MUA Lip Boom OMG :-

Created with Alexandra Burke by MUA!!

Lipstick and highlighting gloss that creates fuller curvaceous lips for a dramatic illusion of volume. There are 4 amazing ways to transform your lips and give them some Boom!

1. Lipstick alone for a matte look.

2. Lipstick with highlighter applied just to the centre of your lips to create a full volume illusion.

3. Lipstick with highlighter all over for a super-glossy look.

4. Highlighter alone for a sheer pearl finish.


  • Price: £3.00
  • Shade: It looks like a coral peach with a bit of pink inside the tube but when swatched, it comes out as a pinky coral that has a bit of neon effect to it. This shade washes out my look  a little bit when worn alone but when topped with lip gloss,it is a perfect pink coral for me.



mua lip boom lipstick review


The lipgloss is a tinted peach with gorgeous golden specks that are big but looks really beautiful on lips.

MUA Lipboom OMG Swatches:-


mua lip boom lipstick review


  • Packaging:One end has lipgloss and the other has a lipstick and a small round pot but unlike the Vibes lipbalm pot that had transparent balm, this one has relatively drier texture in the balm pot and no colour.


mua lip boom lipstick review

TEXTURE, FINISH & STAYING POWER:The texture of the lipstick is creamy matte but if I compare OMG’s texture to Vibe’s texture then the former is more matte than the latter.It is comfortable on lips but it does accentuate the lip lines if worn alone. The finish is semi-opaque which can be build up to more but I think this shade will not work for those having heavily pigmented lips.This shade will particularly suit fair skinned with rosy undertones.


mua lip boom lipstick review

L:without lipgloss; r:with lipgloss


mua lip boom lipstick review


The lipgloss is beautiful and I wore this alone .I t did make my lips a bit voluminous and full.The golden specks present are a bit too much but they add beauty to the lipgloss and the lipstick.

Staying power for the lipstick is around 2-3 hours and lipgloss is almost the same. I particularly don’t like the mess that is created when the lip gloss wears off and golden specks are left behind making the face look untidy.


Pros:MUA Lipboom OMG :-

  • A pretty unique shade.
  • Great duo-lipgloss and lipstick
  • The texture is soft and smooth.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • The lipgloss does voluminise the lipsa bit.


CONS:MUA Lipboom OMG:-

  • Non-availability.
  • Low staying power.
  • This shade will suit limited skin tones.
  • The lipstick settles in the liplines.
  • The gold specks move all over the face when the gloss wears off.


Recommendation: It’s a tricky shade and the online swatches don’t do justice to the shade as Indian skin tones are warm so this particular shade is limited to rosy skin tones but the gloss is super beautiful.

Have you tried MUA Lip OMG ?


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