MUA Lipstick Shade 6 Review & Swatches


MUA Lipstick Shade 6

Most of the lipstick loving ladies will love pinks… What say!! I am sure many have started their lipstick journey with pinks. And when you say pink, there are a variety of them. Here in this post too you will find something bright and frosty.


MUA Lipstick Shade 6 Review+lip stick


So, the guessing is easy. It is a bright pink lipstick from MUA; MUA Lipstick Shade 6.

My experience with MUA Lipstick Shade 6:

Packaging is nothing special to feel fancy about. It is the usual round twist up tube. The one plus point is that the tube shows the color of the lipstick at its clear bottom.

The shade of the lipstick is a bright pink which should suits all skin tone. On fair skin, the color just pops out making it look too attractive.


MUA Lipstick Shade 6 Review Product+cosmetics


The texture is smooth and glides easily on my dry lips without any clumping or cluttering on the lips. This lipstick has not made my lip texture flaky. It does not make my lips feel dry too.

Staying power is surprisingly good too. It has stayed on me for a cool 5 long hours…. I feel this is because of my dry lips.

MUA Lipstick Shade 6 Swatches:-


MUA Lipstick Shade 6 Review Hand Swatch+lipstick reviews


Well, now comes the important fact that I have to share. After about 2 hours of application, I find the lipstick has sinked in and settled comfortably in the fine lines of my lower lip. And on my upper lip I find the color cluttered as though they are saying to which blood group they belong.

Initially I never observed this cluttering and settling of the lipstick, since I was so much excited about its staying power. I had to use wet tissues to remove the color from the lips. And one day I just noticed that the color would not go from the middle portion of my lower lip. And yyyeeeessshhh…. I started observing then on and I realized why it was staying so long on me. The lipstick settles and gets stuck every where and this is how it stays on for long. I guess this is due to the dry texture.

I love the shade though it is an average product texture wise.


MUA Lipstick Shade 6 Review Lip Swatch+cheap lipstick

Lip swatch freshly applied.

MUA Lipstick Shade 6 Review lip swatch after 2 hours+best make up

Lip swatch after 2 hours (ooops…here my lips are looking as though they have been stung by a bee)

Do you see that??? Observe closely both upper and lower lips.

Price: £1

Rating: 3/5

What I like about MUA Lipstick Shade 6:-


  • Bright frosty pink shade.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Glides easily without clumping on dry lips.
  • Very good staying power.
  • Good color coverage to the lips.
  • The color does not fade.
  • Does not dry the lips.


What I don’t like about MUA Lipstick Shade 6:-


  • It settles into the fine lines of my lower lip.
  • Color clumping happens on the upper lip.
  • Needs to be removed explicitly from the lips.
  • Availability.

Have you tried MUA Lipstick Shade 6?


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  1. Formula is not my kinds…my lips r waise bhi sad..this won’t flatter them T all unfortunately… 🙁 does it have a frosty quality btw? Thoda frosty lag raha hai…


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