MUA Perfection Cream Blush in Bittersweet Review, Swatches & FOTD



Today I’ll be reviewing a pink cream blush I picked up from MUA. I’d picked up about 5 blushes from MUA during the sale and have been using them for quite some time now..The shade I’ll be reviewing today is in Bittersweet.


mua cream blush in bittersweet review+mua bittersweet+pink blush review

About MUA Perfection Cream Blush

These cream blushers are very versatile and multi-purpose. They can be directly applied to bare skin, layered over foundation or set with the matching matte blushers in the £1 MUA range. You can use blush perfection to highlight your cheekbones, shape your face, build and blend with fingers or a brush to create the colour intensity. The colour effects range from a light pink to warm shade, depending on method of application.

Price: 2pounds

mua cream blush in bittersweet review+mua bittersweet blush

My experience with MUA Perfection Cream Blush in Bittersweet

Packaging: The cream blushes come in rectangular pans with a clear flip lid and with the shade and ingredient list on the rear. I like the compact packaging but the writing on the front looks kinda cheap with the lettering flaking off easily.

mua cream blush in bittersweet review+mua bittersweet swatch+pink blush+cream blush


Color & Texture: The color is a blue based pink. No shimmer or anything…but texture-wise I found it a tad bit sticky and waxy.


mua cream blush in bittersweet review+mua bittersweet swatch+mua pink blush


  • Pigmentation: This is not too pigmented and can be has to be swiped multiple times to get it to how up well.
  • Staying Power: Stays on my cheeks for about 2.5 to 3hrs max.


mua cream blush in bittersweet swatch+mua bittersweet review


I’m not impressed with this at all.. After wearing this, my skin tends to look greasy as opposed to dewy and has this sticky feel to it. Usually cream blushes set and give a nice glossy sheen if not a cream to powder formula. But this blush just sit son my skin making it look like I touched them with oily hands.

MUA Perfection Cream Blush in Bittersweet Swatches:-


mua cream blush in bittersweet review+mua bittersweet swatch


The staying power too is a downer..I was hoping for better but alas! Have you used this shade from MUA? Did you have the same experience?

This is how it looks on me..


mua cream blush in bittersweet review

What I like about MUA Perfection Cream Blush in Bittersweet

  • A pink shade which will suit everyone
  • No shimmers which makes it work appropriate too
  • Packaging is compact and sturdy
  • Not at all pricey


What I don’t like about MUA Perfection Cream Blush in Bittersweet

  • The lettering on the packaging flakes off making it look a tad bit cheap
  • I’m not fond of the formula which makes my face look oily.


Rating: 2.5/5


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  1. this sahde will wash me out, it suits your tone a lot! i have yummy and dolly from this range, i dont know but i really love these beauties very much, just staying power is less

  2. okay if this is the effect it has on dry skin , I shudder to think what it would do to oily skin. Guess it`s not for me then. Maybelline mousse was great among drugstore , maybe I`ll try their dream range.

  3. Sticky, waxy blush??? na baba na :stop: N i too hate it when d print on d packagin flakes off in bits. It looks so shoddy :-/ Lovely pics Zee :yes: Cute FOTD :cute: U got so many MUA blushes 😯 Now watcha gona do wid all of them?

    • Review them for u!! N thankfully nly 2 r cream blushes..d rest r powder 🙂 i guess mua compromised on packaging quakiyy n thot no1 wud mind wid this price..

  4. I have yummy rom the range n i somehow like it, tho these r not that pigmented.
    n i loved the shade
    u looking cute Zara

  5. OMG this is even prettier! And have you bought all those shades???
    Love the way you pair your blush with the lippie n everything.


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