MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer Review


MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer

Hi everybody,

So many festive occasions in my family have got me to be more and more interested in eye makeup these days. I am collecting my choice of eye shadows which are 90% neutrals and a few colored shades as well. Marriage occasions mean you’d be dressed and made up once and you have to live in that for up to 6-8 hours or sometimes even more. At few instances, I felt my eye makeup creased sooner than I thought and that is something I would never want again. So, I decided to invest in an eye primer. I have heard about MUA products being impressive and so I purchased this one from Jabong after reading its reviews.


MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer


Price: Originally it is priced at INR 610 but I got for around 370 after discount since I purchased it with some more products from the site.


MUA Eye Primer


My experience with MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer:

It comes in a white and silver tube packaging just like a mascara tube is. When you screw open the tube, you see the doe foot applicator and the primer is in the form of a thick liquid. The liquid seems to be of skin color in the tube as well as when applied but settles to almost transparent on blending. I find the packaging to be pretty convenient and better than the pot type packaging of Inglot eye base that I have tried before. You just have to dab the liquid with the doe foot applicator and blend in that’s it. The liquid is not at all sticky or messy and takes no time to blend in. After blending it is like your skin itself; no change in skin tone.


MUA Pro-Base Primer


I have tried this beneath matte as well as pearly eye shadows and I must tell you it increases their longevity to a much greater extent. Especially when I talk about matte eye shadows, they used to crease on my oily eye lids very soon and that looked really bad of course. With this even those matte eye shadows pull off for like 7-8 hours (that is the maximum time I have tried). Also, the finish of the eye shadows appears to be smoother with this; fine lines do not appear as obvious as they used to be without the primer. The color of the eye shadow is not enhanced or altered just that they appear slightly more vibrant.


mua eye primer usage


Overall, if you are looking for an eye primer that enhances the color of dull eye shadows drastically, this is not for you. If you want something which would increase the longevity of eye shadows and smoothen the appearance of the eye lid then this is perfect. Availability is definitely a drawback with MUA products; jabong stocks them but then they are also moody people sometimes they stock it in bulk and other times the product vanishes in 2-3 hours only.

What I like about MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer:

  • Convenient packaging which facilitates easier application.
  • Blending is very easy.
  • Dries up within seconds.
  • Increases the staying power of eye shadows to a great extent.
  • Makes the appearance of eye lids smoother.
  • No fragrance or smell associated with this.
  • Decent pricing.

What I do not like about MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer:

  • Does not enhance the shade of an eye shadow much.
  • Availability can be a problem.

Rating: 4.2/5

Here I wanted to share with you my recent Forest Essentials haul. Products I bought are:

  • Indian rose and marigold light day lotion

  • Soundarya facial ubtan

  • Tejasvi milk ubtan

  • Mysore sandalwood and nagkesar facial treatment masque

  • Panchpushp facial toner


Forest Essential products


Products I bought for my mom:

  • Tejasvi night emulsion
  • Sanjeevni beauty elixir.


Forest Essential skin products


Apart from this, I already have kashmiri saffron and neem facial cleanser, saffron and sandalwood night cream, anise eye cream and floral makeup remover. So, I think I own most of the products suiting my skin type and they all work amazingly for me. I think Forest Essentials team should offer exclusive discounts to me now. 😉

Have you tried MUA Pro Base Eye Primer?


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  1. I had got this from mua site, it kind of made the eye shadows look more pigmented, but in my case it nowhere enhanced the staying power 🙁 my shadows started creasing within 3-4 hours, i didnt find any difference,i dont even hv oily lids. 🙁 i had 2 pieces so i sold it off in sale.

    • This time I bought from jabong… The ones I already have were bought from the store in promenade.. 🙂
      These work for me like nothing else.. I am turning into FE loyalist now..

  2. Good for beginner like me 😛 will chk if Jabong has it.

    Bdw Nice FE haul.. I will wait for Mysore sandalwood and nagkesar facial treatment masque and Tejasvi night emulsion review Sahiba 🙂 I :heart: FE products too 😀


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