MUA Professional KABUKI Brush F5 Review


MUA Professional KABUKI Brush F5.


Hello beautiful ladies, today I am reviewing my one and only kabuki brush I have in my vanity- MUA (Makeup Academy) Professional KABUKI Brush F5.


MUA Professional KABUKI Brush


About MUA Professional KABUKI Brush F5:

F5 Kabuki Face & Body brush. Perfect for applying make-up over the entire face and body, F5 Body Brush has super-soft synthetic bristles that glide over skin to apply just the right amount of powder, bronzer or blusher to your cheeks, jaw line, chin forehead, nose and body for a healthy natural glow.

Dip the kabuki brush gently into face powder or bronzer. Tap the brush gently against the inside lid of the makeup container to remove any excess powder. Sweep the brush lightly across your forehead and chin. Then use downward strokes to apply makeup to your nose and cheeks. This prevents the makeup from getting caught in any fine facial hairs and appearing too heavy.

Buff your skin in circular motions with your kabuki brush to provide even makeup disbursement and coverage. Use additional downward strokes after buffing to blend the makeup into your skin.




Cruelty free, Synthetic brushes suitable for all skin types!

Price: £5.00 excl. shipping.

My experience with MUA Professional KABUKI Brush F5:

“Kabuki” is a Japanese art, a traditional form of Japanese entertainment with singing and dancing. Whatever but to be Kabuki word sounds so cute and adorable. May be that’s the reason why these Japanese people named and designed these brushes as “kabuki”. Recently I was in local beauty shop near my house and while checking out few local brushes I saw a small mini Kabuki brush. I just can’t stop laughing seeing the name mentioned on the brush cover – its’ Baby Buki 😀 Lol. I was like what’s that now 😀 :ROFL:


KABUKI Brush MUA Professional


There is always a first day and to me I was never into too much into makeup or makeup brushes. Entering this blogging world is so much addictive that you can’t stop yourself splurging more. Never mind how much you have but human wants are more :-P. I brought this Kabuki brush during my MUA haul last year. At this price I was really not expecting much in regards to quality and technique. But I was wrong; the bristles are soft and smooth feels like feather on skin. I have not used many Kabukis’ so cant’ compare this brush with any other high end kabuki brushes but it’s a good alternatives. The TBS one is one step softer than this but again price difference matters.

I like to apply loose powder all over my face and to blend bronzer. It does help blending bronzer beautifully without leaving any harsh line. It makes buffing easy and gives a fair coverage. The bristles are very dense and closely packed and till date does not shed at all.


MUA Professional Brush F5


The only sad side is it doesn’t allow spreading evenly like other Kabuki brushes are. This is more stiff and stubborn and do not spread properly. I prefer my kabuki brush to be fluffier, wider and looser bristles.

What I like about MUA Professional KABUKI Brush F5:

  • Value for money.
  • Bristles are smooth and soft on skin.
  • Bristles are precisely cut in round shape.
  • Small and easily adjustable in hand bag.
  • Gentle bristles don’t irritate skin.
  • Blend loose power evenly all over face and body.
  • Bristles are very densely packed.
  • Till date no shedding.

What I don’t like about MUA Professional KABUKI Brush F5:

  • Availability of course.
  • Densely packed bristles are stiff enough to spread widely on skin unlike other brands, i.e. TBS, MAC, INGLOT etc.

Rating: 3.5/5

Those who are new in makeup world and trying to experiment new looks and makeup’s can definitely go with MUA brushes; they are low at price but definitely decently quality. One will never disappoint in respect to the amount spend on these brushes.

Have you tried MUA Professional KABUKI Brush F5?

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    • Yeah Ruhee. Even I lost 2 MUA product. Palette and Blushes. It was pain but they refund the money so thats nice 😀

      Thanks Ruhee I can assure its better than Bourjois Kabuki brush 😀 😉

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