MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss in Can’t Stop Review & Swatches


MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss in Can’t Stop


I have not liked MUA lipstick, although I have tried just one. See here. But the lip glosses are on a different tone with me. Like their texture. Good enough for a person like me.


MUA Sheerfinish lip gloss cant stop


The package is a pressing tube that reminds me of medicinal ointment tubes. The opening of the tube is slant with tiny hole for the gloss to ooze out. A slight press, whoosh comes out the gloss. So, you got to be really careful while pressing the tube.


MUA Cant stop Sheer finish lipgloss

MUA Sheer finish lipgloss cant stop


The texture is neither too thick nor too thin. But there is some amount of weight in it. Else there would not have been a good staying power of at least 4 hours.

This shade is more or less transparent. There is light brown tint with multicolour shimmers. More of silver shimmers is seen even amongst the multi colour shimmers. The brown tint is of no help if you are looking for a good coloured lip gloss. This will not help for those with pigmented lips.


MUA Sheer finish cant stop swatch


It is best to be used as a topping on a lipstick. Just shimmers and shine gives a wet look on the lips.

The shimmers does not go even after the gloss has vanished.

As for me, my lips feel a little dry after the gloss has vanished. I guess it is the left over shimmers that are making my lips so. My lips do not turn flaky, but feels a little stressed and pulled moving towards dryness.

Finally, if you want o try these cheapest available lip gloss, and don’t expect too much from them, you may try a couple of them. It would not hurt much to give a experimental try to the lips.


MUA Sheer finish cant stop lipswatch

MUA Sheerfinish Lipgloss Cant Stop on bare lips.


But wait, I am happy with my Too Faced lip gloss. If have not seen, see here

Rating: 3.5/5

Price: 1 pound

What I like about MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss in Can’t Stop:

  • Can’t Stop!! What a funny name to remember.
  • Non-sticky gloss.
  • Almost clear colored gloss with shimmers.
  • Suitable for topping over the lipsticks.
  • Light tube packaging gloss.

What I don’t like about MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss in Can’t Stop:

  • Since it is clear, it does not hide lip pigmentation if any.
  • Since it is transparent, it cannot be used alone if you want color coverage.
  • If you hate shimmers, then watch out. The gloss has shimmers.
  • Shimmers seem to remain back on the lips even after gloss has faded.
  • On dry lips, towards the end of the staying power, the shimmers make the lips a little dry

Have you tried MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss in Can’t Stop?

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  1. Even I luv d name of d gloss 🙂 Nicely reviewed Chandni.. prob rare product of MUA dat is ok.. Otherwise MUA has some good stuff 🙂


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