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This is my first review on Wiseshe and I am really excited about it. I do hope that you all find it useful.

I am a crazy fan of Make Up Academy (MUA). I have ordered several times and recently during the 50 per cent off I literally cleaned out whatever was in stock on the website!

I got the MUA Eyeshadow Trio during their offer of 35 per cent off in November as I was keen to add a pocket sized ‘eyeshadow compact’ to my vanity. I already have quite a few palettes but did not have anything that I could carry in my purse or if I was traveling for a couple of days. I was also attracted as MUA Trio eyeshadows are ‘baked’ eye shadows and I wanted to try a baked eyeshadow without spending too much.


MUA Trio Eye Shadow Review+eye shadow


The Trios are available in other shades such as Smokescreen (grey n black), Pink Sorbet (pink), Innocence (neutral), Passion & Blue Babe (blues) and Eden (greens). I picked Chocolate Box (brown) as I wanted to get neutrals that I could carry in my handbag everyday.

Price: 2.50 pounds which is approx. Rs 220. I got it for 35 per cent off


Talc, Mica, ParaffiniumLiquidium, Dimethicone, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Nylon 12, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparabens, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, +CI77891, CI77492, CL77499, CI77742, C177510 (which I guess are the pigments)


The Chocolate Box Trio has three shades. At first glance, they look like one orange and two brown shades. After swatching I found that of the two brown shades, one is actually purplish brown and the third is deeper brown. The three together make for a great everyday neutral look.

My experience

All three shades in the compact are shimmery(and a bit dusty!) but not too shimmery. They are quite pigmented and blended well.


MUA Trio Eye Shadow Shades+eye shadow reviews


It swatched well when I used my fingers but when I tried using my brushes, I couldn’t pick much product up. 🙁 Here’s where the little sponge applicator came to the rescue. Usually sponge applicators that come with eye shadows are pretty useless. But this one’s quite cute and dual ended with the broader one for applying the shadow and the thinner end for adding the darker shade in the crease and for lining the eyes. The sponge on the applicator is firm and not the flimsy sponge which tears off after a few days. I use just the applicator to apply the eye shadow and use a blender brush to blend it a bit. When I tried applying it wet and it applied very intense, but — within 5 mins when the swatch dried, it lost its intensity.

Staying power when used with primer is very good. I use it with the MUA Eyeshadow primer. The longest I have worn these shades is 5 + hours without creasing or fading. I also use the lightest shade i.e the light orange as a cheek highlight. All three shades are versatile. I use the brown shades everyday as a light wash over my eyelids when using just eyeliner.


MUA Trio Eyeshadow Chocolate Box  Swatch :-


MUA Trio Eye Shadow Hand Swatch+dark eye shadow



Easily available online at and delivery is reliable however shipping is steep at 7.5 pounds. You can pay by credit/ debit card or Paypal.


What I like about MUA Eyeshadow Trio:-


  • Cute packaging that firmly clicks shut. No mess in your handbag with broken eyeshadow
  • All three versatile shades for everyday use.
  • Lightest shade works as a cheek highlight
  • Reasonable cost for baked eyeshadow

What I did not like about MUA Eyeshadow Trio:-


  • Does not apply very well with a brush. Applies better with fingers and sponge applicator.
  • No major difference when applied wet
  • Very dusty and fallout when you work with it but not enough to ruin your foundation.
  • No mirror

Will I repurchase MUA TrioEyeshadows again?

Overall a great buy. Yes, I have purchased another shade – ‘Pink Sorbet’ during the 50 % off promo.They also make great little gifts.

 Have you tried MUA Trio Eyeshadow Chocolate Box ?


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      • I agree. Some of the products are okayish and some are bad. I read LOT of reviews before buying anything. The eyeshadow palettes are good fr beginners experimenting with looks but not very good quality.. eye primer, lipglosses and blushes are good. Stay away from their eyeliners, mascaras and foundation!!

        I got a ton of stuff during the 50 per cent sale but I will use some and got a lot mainly for gifting.

        But since I have discovered the Faces International range, I don’t see myself using MUA much! :yippee:

    • Immaculate Palette was a total miss 🙁 some shades have hardened in the pan, too much glitter, most have a lot of fallout!,… The Undressed Palette is my daily staple though and the blushes


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