Multani Mitti for your hair

Multani mitti is a great hair cleanser all you need is little patience while rinsing hair.Every Saturday my mother used to apply multani mitti on my hair.This made my hair strong and free from split ends.Now I don’t use this pack as my hair are not damaged but I thought of sharing it with you people.

Wash your hair a bit with warm water and massage  your scalp with sesame oil.Now cover your hair with a towel or apply a shower cap on it.Wait for one hour and apply multani mitti on your hair and scalp.Wait for around 20 minutes or more and wash off with warm water.You can apply shampoo and conditioner.
You can use this hair pack once in a week and massage your hair with sesame oil twice a week.To read about sesame oil uses click here.
If you want to treat split ends then massage your hair with olive oil instead of sesame at night.In the morning wrap your hair with a towel dipped in hot water(Make sure it is not too hot that you burn your self).Wait for half an hour and wash your hair with multani mitti and curd pack.Just soak multani mitti in curd.If you have oily hair then use butter milk.Rinse off your hair thoroughly with water and shampoo them next day.Apply conditioner as usual.
If you use this pack once a week you will see noticeable difference in your split ends with in months.
To know about muttani mitti face pack for skin click here.


  1. That s right Anamika…I have my own good experience of Multani matti making miracles in hair nourishing…! thanks for sharing dear.

  2. @Jay-Yur hair looks quite beautiful in the pics too Jay..I am glad you have had the same experience:)@Haddock-Well I have really suffered from hair colors but yes applying multani mitti needs real patience:)

  3. :bangbang: it really works… natural way to keep ur hair healthy soft n shiny…. i loved my hair after i used it….

  4. i think we shld use lotion of curd with multan mitii for healthy black hairs. But i don’t have acess to curd , so what shld be used in place of curd . thanxs in advance


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