Multi Masking For Flawless Skin


Multi Masking For Flawless Skin

Multi tasking? Multi masking? Multi masking to ensure multi tasking? Yes, it is. Welcome to the world of makeup and beauty fanatics. You will find new things cropping up every now and then. And the newest rage is the Multi Masking For Flawless Skin. Reason? Because sometimes using a single product is not enough.

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Multi masking is a new trend in the skin care world. Many of us suffer from a range of skin concerns and can’t simply rely on one single product to fight against and eventually conquer them all. Multi-masking is as simple as it sounds.

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It is basically mixing and matching different facial masks to create a single mask that targets and treats each of the skin problems.

Multi tasking though has gained a lot of fame in the recent past, but it is not exactly a totally new thing. Professional skin therapists have been taking help of this method since years. This method allows them to target specific problems of their client and work accordingly.

How it works:

There are several face masks available in the market. One is to treat oily skin, one is to treat acne and pimples; another one is to provide moisture and hydration, whereas another one has anti-ageing benefits. Different masks provide different benefits. But think carefully, do you need the same benefits on your whole face? I guess no.

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I’ll share my own condition here.

I have normal skin. But of late my skin is behaving weirdly. My cheeks have become dry and my T-zone has become incredibly oily, especially during summers. Thus I need something that will combat the oil around my T-zone and will also provide a bit of hydration to my cheeks. I need a face mask that will target and treat these two contradicting situations and that is where this wonderful trend comes into play. Multi face mask will control the excess oil secretion as well as provide hydration to the dry areas.


Multi masks can be a mixture of different masks and can also be a collage of different masks. I prefer the latter one, due to obvious reasons. Why just use one combined mask when you can create a beautiful collage of treatments on your skin? I mean the combined mask works, no doubt in that. But the collage of masks will work better.


So, I take two-three face masks and apply them on their respective areas. It takes as much time to apply as regular face masks, but works better than them. Also, it kills the monotony of applying the same mask.

benefits ofMultimasking

Anyone can take help of these mask cocktails. Different facial areas have different (specific) needs, and multi masks are here to conquer these various skin woes all at once and make lives easier.

Have you tried the multi masking trend ever?

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