Multi Tasker Makeup : Eye Shadows


Multi Tasker Makeup : Eye Shadows

Hey ladies,

So you all must be wondering as to what this post is all about. Well, you guessed it right.

The millennial generation is all about hacks and tricks with makeup and I find it really useful because when you can multi-task with makeup then nothing is better than that. Recently, I came across some video on Instagram and I really loved how one can use a particular makeup item in several ways. I mean who wouldn’t love to get the best out of any makeup product which you bought with your hard earned money. Also there is this thing that even if you own a lot of makeup, you literally cannot carry it all when you have a friend’s wedding in another city but having one good makeup product in hand can solve most of your makeup problems. 🙂

The Zulu Eye Shadow Palette

So, today it is all about Eye Shadows and I am talking about a good eye shadow palette and not the single shades in general. This is probably the most underrated makeup item in your vanity which is presumed to serve only the purpose of making your eyes look beautiful. Well, that is not entirely true.

35 shade eyeshadow palette

Eye shadows are actually the multi-tasker makeup products and here I have a quick explanation of how you can use it in so many different ways.

Eye Shadow as Brow Enhancer

neutral eyeshadow palettes

Bold & bushy brows are an instant hit with most girls these days. It makes you look younger and also makes your eyes appear a little bigger. So, you can choose the deep brown/ black matte shadows from your eye shadow palette and use it with a brow brush to fill in your brows and make them appear a little fuller.

Colorbar All Day Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick _ olive green eyes

Choose the shade as close as possible to your brow hair color and you will instantly notice the difference with the well groomed arched brows.

Eye Shadow as Eyeliner

Take your eyeliner brush out for a spin and dampen it. Now pick a shade of your choice from the eye shadow palette as they eyeliner you would wish to wear. It can be black, brown, forest green or blue. Just use the liner brush and apply it on the upper lash line carefully. This is particularly helpful if you forgot your favorite gel eyeliner or it has almost dried up to give a flawless eyeliner look.

Eye Shadow as Face Highlighter

Well, one can even use the same eye shadow palette as a highlighter. There is a sudden rage about getting the perfectly illuminated skin these days and it is more about the no made-up look that is trending every where. Well, an eye shadow palette can easily help you with that. You can pick the best neutral tone of shadow in the palette which has metallic/ shimmer finish with a cream/ powder formulation to achieve the illuminating look on the face.

Shadows like silver, rose gold or off white are perfect to achieve such a radiating look.

Eye shadow as Bronzer

Covergirl True Naked Roses Palette

Your eye shadow palette holds so many vibrant and neutral shades all in one and so it can really serve a lot of purposes. You can use the shadows with copper, orange or yellow undertones to apply on the face as bronzers and create a tanned effect which is great if you have pale skin and wish to make your look a little more sensuous. Mix it with your moisturizer or you can use it as a powder formulation. You can use a fluffy brush to apply it and then use a translucent powder to dust off any residue shimmers here and there.

Eye Shadow for Contouring

Faces ultime pro eyeshadow palette nude

Well, contouring is even easier as you can pick a matte shadow a little darker than your skin tone and create the perfect chiselled jawline and shape your facial features more sharply for a more structured look.

Eye Shadow For Conceal/ Color Correcting

Revlon Eyeshadow Palette 8 color Glamour Girl

If you have dark under eyes, concealing/ color correcting is your favorite part of makeup to hide those dark areas and make your makeup look flawless altogether.

The basic shades of yellow, red, green and orange are what are used for color correcting and you can easily can them in your eye shadow palette. Orange conceals the blue dark areas while green color corrector can be used on the red spots or acne on the skin.

Eye Shadow as Blush


Pick the suitable peach/ pink shadow from the palette and use it as a blush. It will be just perfect and no one will know you used an eye shadow for the subtle look.

Eye Shadow as lipstick

BH Malibu Eyeshadow Blush Palette

Well, this trick is a little old but still counts as another makeup hack you can do with just an eye shadow palette. You can pick a suitable hint of color you wish on the lips. And with the help of a lip brush apply the suitable shadow after using a lip balm. Eye shadow pigments are surely long staying so you can expect that the lip color too is going to stay for a long time! 🙂

Well, this was all for the eye shadows. Hope to be back with some more multi-tasker makeup items. 🙂



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