Mushroom recipe – Mushroom quiche with step by step picutres

I remember eating this recipe at my friend’s place in Delhi and I thought it must have taken her hours in preparing this.

Thinking of spending hours in kitchen puts me off .Most of the recipes on my blog are quick which even beginners in cooking can try.(Thanks Mitra for liking this 🙂

Before making this recipe I searched many quiche recipe but found spinach mushroom quiche recipe

most of the time..I didn’t have spinach at home so I called up my friend  and asked if I can make the recipe only with mushroom and she gave me green signal.
   Mushroom quiche
My mushroom filled cheese quiche recipe turned out great and I called all my friends to taste it.It looked so beautiful that some of my hubby friend’ s wife who have left eggs tasted it too..I don’t know weather to feel happy or sad about this but to be honest I was
Ok so lets start with the mushroom recipe .

Serves – 3-easily (It has butter, cheese , eggs so eating even one slice is quiet sufficient in itself)
For the crust 
1 and half cup of all purpose flour
Grated unsalted butter (about 80-100 gram)
1 beaten egg
1/4tsp baking powder
salt according to taste (we will be adding the salt in the filling too so go according to that)
black pepper

Mushroom stuffing

250 grams of mushroom
1 small chopped green pepper(capsicum)
1 large onion chopped
Around 1/2 cup of milk
1/2 cup cheese (depends upon your liking too .I used cheddar sheese)
 2 beaten eggs
Black pepper powder
Salt to taste
1 tbsp oil

Method and Preparation:-
Step 1 – Mix all the pastry ingredients which includes salt, baking powder , all purpose flour , eggs and grated cheese.Make a dough which is like a coarse sand.(When you add cheese in it , it should  not be soft otherwise you will have difficulty in grating it.)
Step 2– Spread this mixture evenly  on the pie plate .Make sure that the thickness is not too thick and neither too thin.You can see two color dough on pie plate because  my plate is huge . I had to prepare the dough twice and both turned out different in color.
Step 3– Now refrigerate the crust for a while and pre heat the oven to 180 C /350f
Step4 –  Now take a pan and add some oil in it.Add mushrooms, onion and green capsicum till all the water evaporates from the pan.Add salt and black pepper and mix all the ingredients well.
Step5 – Take out the crust  from the fridge and spread the mixture on whole of the pie.
 Step6 – Take 2 eggs in a bowl and beat them for one minute.Add milk and grated cheese in it.Mix it well and pour this mixture in the crust till it reaches the top of the crust.

Step7 – I sprinkled some more black pepper because I just love fresh black pepper taste .
Bake until the top is little brown  which took me around 30- 35 minutes.

 Serve with ketchup

You can add chopped spinach also in it to make Spinach quiche recipe.

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