Music Festival Makeup: How To


Music Festival Makeup: How To

Participating or looking to participate in a music festival? Wow! I am jealous. Nevertheless, I can help you with some of the looks you may try. Music festivals across the world are more or less a way to bond the cultures and countries together in one string and this is what I love the most about these festivals. No country, no caste, no religion, just one feeling that is music!

There are many vivacious looks one could try and experiment. If you are going to a rock or a jazz festival or a pop concert, the look has to match and you must look a part of the crowd yet different from it. Let’s see a few looks and styles that you could try for this music festival!

Eye Glitters

Most prominent yet most in demand makeup is the the use of glitters for the eyes. Done in different styles, using small and big glitters, stars etc. in different skeleton shapes, this never goes out of style and mind. You may cover a single eye or both of them. This would look good with flowery designs as well on a single eye or both. Worth trying for sure!

Eye Studs

Sparkle Eye Shadows

Covering both or one of your eye and cheek bones can also be a good idea. People also use studs for covering the forehead surrounding the eyebrows like shown in the pic above. These studs are normally shown as the epitome of style and fashion as almost every concert sees people wearing these studs.

Eye Shadows

good looking eyeshadow

Vibrant colors could be used to cover the entire eye as the picture shows. The girl’s eyes look ravishingly hot and she is looking just the right kind for the music fest, isn’t it? You may choose from darker shades like black and brown as well for the look.

Forehead Makeup

Sporting a bandana with open hair

Using glitters on the forehead with use of studs and a matching in tone eye makeup with light or dark eye shadow can help you do a good job for the music festival. You may also crown your head or a bandana to make you look different yet part of the crowd.

Accessorized Makeup

cute hairband styles (5)

You may look to reminiscence Britney Spears or Taylor Swift or Mariah Carey by decking yourself with accessories on your hair, neck and body for the festival. A head band or a parting to go with necklaces and bracelets is definitely a hit. Eye makeup with deep mascara and in tone eye shadow is looking so good as shown in the picture, see for yourself!

Bold and Beautiful Makeup

kryolan eye makeup pictures

You could never go wrong with a dark makeup and voguish colors like maroon and red on your lips and an overall straight hair and hair accessories. A dark eye makeup with dark kohl lines, deep eye liner and mascara seems to be the best combination for the look.

A music festival is as rocking as you will look with one of these looks. The festival might last for a few days but the memories shall stay with you for lifetime. Any one look from these and you will be one of the crowd yet different from them in your own sweet way. Just be careful about the attire you choose and let your hair down to the hilt.

What type of look do you want to get for a Music Festival?

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