Music Festival/Concerts Look: Tips & Tricks


Music Festival/Concerts Look: Tips & Tricks

Music is the soul of the nature; it may be present everywhere in the crackling of trees, in the sound of birds, in the flow of river. In India, music is the one of the things which binds all the people together.

From underground metal bands to the most popular artists in the world, India is a country hosting major music festivals & concerts.

Indian classical music and folk revues


south indian traditional saree

Classical music festivals call for everything classy. I am more a traditionalist in this regard and would suggest that attendees reflect on the thousands of hours the artist has devoted over many years in refining that which he or she would present to you. I would go for a simple saree. By saree I definitely do not mean gaudy ones. I would choose a simple cotton or silk saree with minimal work. Also make sure the blouse you are wearing is not too revealing. Colors will depend on the time of the concert. Light pastel shades in the morning and darker shades if it is a night affair. If you aren’t too comfortable with sarees, you can easily go for simple suits or kurti churidaars.

Don’t compromise with your comfort factor or else you will be ending with paying more attention to yourself than necessary instead of paying attention to the concert. Also don’t go overboard with Indian attire, keep it simple, yet stunning.


traditional indian jewellery (10)

Accessorize well, but that doesn’t mean you can go for heavy kundan sets. A small earring or a pair of bracelets will work magic. You can wear a thin gold chain on your neck as well. Accessorize wisely!

globus ethnic earrings

Also go very light on fragrances.


MAC Damn Glamorous lipstick FOTD

Again it depends on the time of the event. If it is a morning event then just bb cream, simple kohl rimmed eyes, naturally flushed cheeks and a neutral lips will be enough. If you are planning to go for matte red on lips, which is always a good option, then keep every other thing neutral. If the festival is at night, you can however be a bit more dramatic with eye makeup. Heavily rimmed eyes, smudged kohl, dramatic winged liner even subtle smoky eyes can work magic. For lips you have to go for peachy neutrals then. But if you choose to have simple eyes, you can definitely go for darker shades of lipsticks.

Band performances or Indi-pop performances

Indi-pop is based on an amalgamation of Indian folk and classical music, and modern beats from different parts of the world. So, you can easily go for indo-western fusion or can also go for western wear. I would choose a simple little black dress and nothing can be sexier than it. But if you are going with the dress, make sure it’s not too revealing. Something with thick straps and reaches at least just above the knee level.

mac matte lipstciks

Make sure it’s not too low cut either, and if it is, wear a black strapless singlet underneath to cover any inappropriate cleavage happening. If you don’t want to look trying hard with heels, I would suggest a plain pair of flats, and if you’ve got them, flats with bows at the toe.

If it is a musical concert at your college then you can wear t-shirts and jeans too. Shorts if you are allowed to wear. Printed dresses, little white dress, little red/ blue dresses can work well too.

THERAPY DAY OUTFIT Benetton crocodile skin bag+summer fashion

These kinds of music concerts involve grooving so make sure what you are wearing aren’t too revealing or else you might end up revealing more than necessary. Being casual and chic is the main key to nail the look.


Makeup should be minimal. I would suggest going for no makeup look. If it is held in the open air and in the morning, then don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglass and hat. If it is an evening affair then you can go for kohled eyes and stained lips.

Accessorize wisely with a small ear top or a chunky neck piece or a funky bracelet. Choose only one statement piece. Don’t go overboard.

Blue on Blue (monotone) Outfit Collar+fashion lady

So how do you like to dress up when going for music concerts? Let us know!

Have you tried any of these looks for a Music Festival/ Concert?

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